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Hi All! 

Two Gnomes One Goblet is a newly formed guild on Magtheridon, we are a small group of friends who have played together for a few years now. We have decided to start our own guild as we want to offer a fun, friendly and calm raiding experience whilst still progressing quickly into heroic difficulty. 

The players we are looking for:

-Players who don't take themselves too seriously, but take raiding seriously. 
-Friendly and mature
-Dedicated to our short raiding schedule, full focus during raids is a must to progress. 

Rules and expectations:

-Be online and prepared for raids with food, flasks and pots. Consumables will be provided by the guild once enough resources are available.  
-Learn tactics before progression raids! 
-Listening to TS during raids is a must. 
-Loot will be set to personal at all times with /roll if the gear is not needed. 

Raid times: 

Wednesday: 20:30-23:00 Server time
Sunday: 20:30-23:00 Server time

Our goals:

We aim to clear all Heroic content with the 2 days a week that we raid. We have decided to only raid twice a week as we know everybody has other commitments outside of the game.

If this sounds like the place for you and would like to apply, contact me on Real ID Smackanax#2497 or any officers in game on Cinnamon, Pebbles, Itanic or Happy. 

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