Overwatch League's Friday Night Competitors Have Something to Prove

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The first two days of Overwatch League have showcased amazing coordination, incredible individual effort, and unbelievable quick-wit. Now that teams have gotten their feet wet with the League’s protocol and tournament-style, there are no more excuses for nerves or jitters. The Overwatch League is in full swing, and today’s matches will say a lot about each team’s tenacity, skill, and heart.

Dallas Fuel vs Los Angeles Valiant- 4:00 P.M. PST

On Wednesday, the members of Dallas Fuel placed their hearts and souls in the match against Seoul Dynasty. Despite their efforts, Seoul came away with a victory due to a last round tie that gave the match advantage to Dynasty. Losing to technicality is never easy, and there is no doubt that Fuel fans felt for the team. Due to the competiveness of the match, Fuel members have undoubtedly been thinking about what they could have done differently to change the outcome against Dynasty. Despite the loss, Dallas members must once again put it all on the line for their matchup against Los Angeles Valiant, who swept every single round against San Francisco Shock on Wednesday. With Fuel wanting to prove that they can bounce back from a difficult first loss and Valiant trying to show why they are one of the top contenders of the league, this is a match you don’t want to miss!

Florida Mayhem vs Boston Uprising- 6:00 P.M. PST

The Eastern United States tilt features Florida Mayhem and Boston Uprising. Last night, both teams were able to secure one round in each of their respective matches, but the stiff competition gave them nothing more.  With a quick one day turnaround, both teams must overcome their recent defeats and bring their best to the match tonight. You can expect a fantastic game, as both teams try to prove why they are the best choice in representing the prowess of the Eastern United States.

Shanghai Dragons vs San Francisco Shock- 8:00 P.M. PST

San Francisco Shock ended up being the first team to lose an official Overwatch League game (and to lose a match without winning a round) Wednesday night. As the match played out, it became apparent that Shock has talent, but that it is still working on coordination and synced team play.  The same could be said for the Shanghai Dragons, who followed up Shock’s play with their own 0-4 match against the Los Angeles Gladiators. Both of these teams have yet to win an official round of Overwatch, but tonight, one of these teams will be walking away with a match. The question is— which team will it be? Watch the Friday night finale to find out.

My personal predictions are:

Dallas Fuel 3-2 Los Angeles Valiant

Boston Uprising 3-1 Florida Mayhem

San Francisco Shock 4-0 Shanghai Dragons

What are your predictions for tonight’s matches? Put your comments below!

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      Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty May Be Rivals After Incredible Opening Night

      Every match of the Overwatch League’s opening day was exciting for fans who have been waiting patiently for its commencement. However, the match between Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty was by far the highlight of the night.
      The best part about watching these two squads play was the guessing game of who was going to win the engagements. At any point during a fight, one of these teams could pull off a crazy kill combination that was, quite frankly, unbelievable. The outcome of the battle was always in question until the last member of Dallas or Seoul was dead.
      The pure talent of these teams often left the victor of a map in question until the last team fight. A case in point was the Temple of Anubis round. After Dallas had secured possibly the fastest professional Temple of Anubis two-point capture time with over 6 minutes left, Seoul posted a very strong answer with a two capture point time of over 4 and a half minutes left.
      As game time wound down, both teams ran through Temple of Anubis again, making the total map score 4 to 4. Within these four captures, Seoul Dynasty’s Fleta had a few multikills with Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss: Sniper headshots, in addition to multikills with Genji using his Dash ability mixed with well-placed Shurikens. For Dallas Fuel, Effect answered Fleta with some multikills of his own on Widowmaker, and some more multikills with Tracer’s Pulse Pistols and Pulse Bomb.
      At 4 and 4, Seoul Dynsasty was still behind in total time but managed to capture another two points with 11 seconds left on their clock. This put Seoul to a 6-4 advantage. As Dallas Fuel made an attempt to capture their fifth point, Fleta’s incredible Widowmaker plays demolished Dallas’ time. At one point, Fleta secured three separate picks on Dallas team members, forcing the Fuel squad to wait more than 20 seconds before being able to attack as a full team once again. Dallas was able to overcome Seoul’s hold to secure their fifth point, but Fleta’s plays and Dynasty’s positioning granted Dallas one last ditch effort to tie the match.
      As Dallas charged in to secure the last point, a few picks lead viewers to believe that the Fuel would force the match into overtime. However, Dynasty was able to pull off some picks of their own that ultimately turned the tide of battle. While both teams played extremely well, Seoul Dynasty was able to push back against their early time deficit to win the round with 11 seconds to spare. This win would ultimately lead Seoul Dynasty to victory for the entire match due to a close draw on the fourth map, Numbani.
      While Dallas fans may be frustrated at the match's outcome, the whole series was unquestionably one of the best games of Overwatch that fans have seen since the induction of professional play. The Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty match may have created the first Overwatch League rivalry while simultaneously giving viewers a taste of what’s in the store for the rest of the season. There is no doubt that when these teams face off again, the crowd can expect another brilliant four games of Overwatch.
      What were your favorite match moments? Post your game highlights in the comment section below!
    • By Mournflakes

      In just a few hours, Blizzard will launch its inaugural year of the franchise esport known as the Overwatch League. This historical day has been the highlight of esports conversations ever since its rumored conception.
      The actualisation, however, of the idea has been no small feat. Millions of dollars, thousands of man hours, and the household Blizzard name were all integral parts leading to the ultimate success of this launch, and with the necessary steps taken, the day has finally come.
      While Blizzard prepares for the first match, many questions surrounding the league are being posed across game forums (alongside big news outlets likes Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.) While some of these questions are less important, I believe it is pertinent that we discuss one of the most hotly debated queries surrounding the Overwatch League.
      Will Fans Be Willing to Attend Games In Person When They Can Watch on Twitch?
      As I explained the idea of the Overwatch League to those who have never played the game, I have consistently been asked by gamers and nongamers alike, “Why will people go to a stadium and watch people sit and play games when they could watch at home?” I think this is a legitimate question that stems from well-meaning ignorance.
      The key to Overwatch League’s success (and the answer to this question) will be one simple thing—community. An enthused and excited community is everything Blizzard is betting on, and everything Overwatch League fans need to be. Community has kept ticket sales to live sports steady, and will continue to do so for years to come. During any football, soccer, or other sporting event, the camera is guaranteed to pan across fans who are decked out in face paint and costumes. While some people will never understand why someone would dress up as a Cowboy, a Maple Leaf, or a Red Devil, the fan who is screaming and cheering for his or her team in person is undoubtedly having the time of their life. No one would dare ask him or her why they are dressed up because the smile on their face would be enough of an answer. They dress up, they brave the weather, and they travel across continents because they love the game and they love the community. Loyalty to a team is demonstrated through a community coming and cheering for that team in person. Now, for the first as a franchise esport, a developer has presented this same opportunity to gamers. This is what esports fans have always dreamed of, and Blizzard and Overwatch have made that dream a reality.
      When friends have asked me why people would attend an esports event, I can tell them from first-hand experience why people would pay money to go watch games live, and it’s because of the community. I attended Blizzcon 2017, and while I enjoyed trying out new things coming to Blizzard games, I mostly watched esports. If my friends who doubt the legacy of franchise esports had been at the South Korea vs United States match at the Overwatch World Cup, they wouldn’t doubt any longer. The vibe that night was electric, and everyone was on the edge of their seat the entire match. But I can’t convince people that those feelings exist without having them experience it first-hand. When it comes to comprehending the Overwatch League, only feeling and witnessing a match first hand will end in understanding.  
      So if you are around for any of the future matches coming up this year, buy a ticket and represent your team. Wear face paint, dress up in your team’s garb, and cheer till your voice hurts. If you cannot make games in person, host an Overwatch League party at your house and invite your buddies to come over and cheer on your team with you. Or, if your friends are spread out across the United States, create a Discord channel so you can talk about the game as you all watch together. No matter how far away you are from the action, you are in control of your Overwatch League involvement. You can question the league’s prevalence, or you can get in on the fun, it’s completely up to you. Community will be the lifeblood of this league, so I suggest you grab some snacks, invite your friends, and jump in on this historic event.
      I'll personally be rooting for the Los Angeles Gladiators, but who will you be cheering for? Also, what are your thoughts on the Overwatch League as a whole? Post your excitement or woes concerning the league below!