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Good Evening. My name is Nox ,deputy pack leader and Head of the WoW recruiting team over at WolfLAN Gaming . We have recently created a WoW Pack and started building a raiding team on Draenor EU , Horde , and we are looking to expand and push Mythic Antorus in the nearest future. The currently planned raiding times are Mondays and Thursdays from 20:00 P.M CET to roughly 23:00 , but these are subject to change. We are currently recruiting for every raid role , but also accepting all skill levels to the guild and discord even if they would rather not take part in the raids, but are looking for an active community to play with. Our requirements are as follows : -a working and ready to use microphone . -Ablity to follow the schedule . -Knowledge of tactics and a good understanding of your character . -Aged 16 or above. - Item level is currently not an issue , but will be specified once we have a full roster. WolfLAN Gaming is a multi-gaming community that supports multiple ''Packs'' for various games such as Overwatch , PUBG, Destiny 2 and CS:GO. More information can be found on our site : http://wolflan.com/ , on our discord : https://discord.gg/6fQTrZ . In order to join us , we would prefer you use the site , however you can also join our discord or contact me via discord on nox#9086 or Shakey on Shakey#7998 . My apologies for the wall-of-text. Hope to see you in-game :)

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