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Hi everyone!

I'm a long time diablo player and love to make my own builds. I always like to pick sets and make a build around it. That said I found out a very nice use of the Inarius's set for the necromancer. It performs so well I manage to do higher rifts then with my pestilence corpse lance build and clear things much faster. 

Now to follow the build suggestion guideline on this forum:

  • What is the main part of the build? What does it rely on to work?

The main part of the build is having the Inarius set. This set is nescesary for the damage improvement and survivability. It's a build that rely's on keeping the buff from the Inarius set up to deal heavy damage. It has great survivability at torment 9 where I'm at now.  (Still havent reached highest torment level cause my items are still of normal quality and not ancient or upgraded.) 

It's a very fun and effective build to play since you'll run fast thanks to Steuart's GreavesSteuart's Greaves (cubed) and pull enemies in with Briggs' WrathBriggs' Wrath. Curse appliance is not needed cause you'll use it in aura form because you stay in melee range. so there is less to keep worying about. Because we use Grim ScytheGrim ScytheBlood ScytheBlood Scythe as a primary attack the skill DevourDevour is also not needed. The scythes attack regenerates both health and essence very quickly and does so with high damage thanks to Leger's DisdainLeger's Disdain.

  • Provide as many items as possible that you feel the build requires. If you aren't sure about a certain slot, leave it empty and let the community fill it in with suggestions.

Needed itemswise for this build is as follows:

  1. Inarius's ConvictionInarius's Conviction
  2. Inarius's MartyrdomInarius's Martyrdom
  3. Inarius's PerseveranceInarius's Perseverance
  4. Inarius's ReticenceInarius's Reticence
  5. Inarius's UnderstandingInarius's Understanding
  6. Inarius's WillInarius's Will

We want crit hit chance and crit damage where-ever possible. Armor/Vit is also nice to have. Offcourse intelligence will be the main stat. Other items we use are:

  1. Scythe of the CycleScythe of the Cycle this gives your secondary ability a very nice boost. We also be "spamming" bone armor so the lost of 4 seconds is not a big deal.
  2. Our offhand is as said before Leger's DisdainLeger's Disdain to give your primary attack a bit more punch. 
  3. For bracers Nemesis BracersNemesis Bracers are preffered because of the added champions wich makes for faster speedfarming. We cube another item so this one has to be slotted.
  4. The Compass RoseThe Compass Rose together with The Traveler's PledgeThe Traveler's Pledge grants a nice set bonus wich helps our damage even further as well as giving a bit more defence while running towards those elites.
  5. Briggs' WrathBriggs' Wrath is our second ring for the pull in.
  6. For a belt i'm trying to find  Dayntee's BindingDayntee's Binding for some more damage reduction. A The Witching HourThe Witching Hour also works well.
  • Provide as many skills as possible that you feel the build requires.

The skills used are: 

  1. Grim ScytheGrim ScytheBlood ScytheBlood Scythe for close ranged damage essence and life
  2. Death NovaDeath NovaBone NovaBone Nova fits the close range playstyle  and deals huge damage. This is our spammable. 
  3. FrailtyFrailtyAura of FrailtyAura of Frailty we use this as an aura so that combined with the ring we will pull everything onto ourselves.
  4. Blood RushBlood RushMetabolismMetabolism a 2nd charge here is very nice to have it gives us an escape and a major speed boost thanks to the cubed armor piece. This makes for very fast clearing. 
  5. Bone ArmorBone ArmorVengeful ArmamentsVengeful Armaments I used vengeful arnaments here because it gives more damage. I find the stun or freeze from the poison or cold rune are not needed (yet). We keep this on all time's because of the damage boost it provides with the set we are wearing. So even if there is only one enemy just click it it wil lrecharge very fast because we spam a secondary skill wich is going to reduce the cooldown thanks to cubed ring. 
  6. Corpse ExplosionCorpse ExplosionClose QuartersClose Quarters This skill gives us alot of damage and fits the close ranged style. I tried the physical damage runes but they were lackluster. It also is our only skill that gets rid of those nasty corpses. I choosed Corpse Explosion over Corpse Lance since I allready have Lance builds.  

The passive skills we use:

  1. Stand AloneStand Alone Because well, we are alone and this gives us a nice boost.
  2. Draw LifeDraw Life Nice because most enemies will be in melee range.
  3. Dark ReapingDark Reaping this one can be switched out for something else. 
  4. Swift HarvestingSwift Harvesting This gives us some more speed attacking with Grim scythe.
  • Add a general overview of the playstyle. Should you be hanging around at the back or diving in? Should you be spamming abilities or pooling resources?

We rush the battlefield with the runspeed provided by blood rush and the cube. If we see a large group or an elite group we dive in pop Bone Armor, spam Death Nova and if many mobs and a few bodies corpse explosion. Use Grim Scythe if you get low on essence or hp. If the elite mob has nasty affixes or explodes you have the 2nd charge of blood rush to get out of the way for a moment.

  • What stats work best for the build?

Intelligence, crit hit chance, crit hit damage, vitality, armor. 

  • Where should you be putting paragon points?

I'm Paragorn 564 now abd was already far in paragorn when I started this character. So I got points in everything already. although I let goldfind alone.   

  • What gems and legendary gems should you be using?

Put an amethyst in the helm slot for life and topaz in the rest for intellect. Offcourse take the highest gem you have for this. If you feel you need more survivability you can switch out some topaz for amerthyst.

As legendary gems we use Bane of the TrappedBane of the Trapped cause it gives us a damage boost from rank 25.  And Molten Wildebeest's GizzardMolten Wildebeest's Gizzard will provides us with some more survivability. Gem of Efficacious ToxinGem of Efficacious Toxin further gives a nice damage boost. For rifts Bane of the StrickenBane of the Stricken could also be used.

  • What should be in your Kanai's cube?

Very important to have in the cube are: 

Obsidian Ring of the ZodiacObsidian Ring of the Zodiac for the cooldownreduction. (If you are not wearing it)

Steuart's GreavesSteuart's Greaves makes any necromancer build wich uses blood rush much much faster. 

Trag'Oul's Corroded FangTrag'Oul's Corroded Fang gives us some more damage versus cursed enemies, which they are cause of our curse aura. 

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18 hours ago, Danny1985 said:

It performs so well I manage to do higher rifts then with my pestilence corpse lance build and clear things much faster.

Could you elaborate on how high we are talking? I'm asking this considering how low paragon level you are which would be the first concern. At 564 I don't see any build pushing much higher than 90GR, and under 80-90, any Corpse Lance build will be slow since you wait the same amount of time to reset your skills no matter the difficulty.

Regarding gems you are opting for Gem of Efficacious ToxinGem of Efficacious Toxin instead of Bane of the PowerfulBane of the Powerful which I would consider to be a mistake since Powerful will be a far higher damage boost as it is multiplicative damage when you are playing solo. Better yet, use Simplicity's StrengthSimplicity's Strength for an even larger bonus as it will also give you a protective shield which is nice. Toxin is mostly used to buff partymembers damage.

On to the ring Briggs' WrathBriggs' Wrath, it is not needed here and should be swapped for a Krysbin's SentenceKrysbin's Sentence. No necro should ever go without a Krysbin since the damage boost is too great. Especially since the build is mostly melee anyway so your aura will be there for you regardless.

Since you are using Leger's DisdainLeger's Disdain you should consider swapping Corpse ExplosionCorpse Explosion  or Death NovaDeath Nova for Skeletal MageSkeletal MageSingularitySingularity to dump your essence because it's important to note that this damage is NOT applied if your essence is already maxed and when you swing it goes up super fast with nova not being able to get rid of it enough. Also you can't Swing while using nova so that in itself is a net loss in damage. This also makes the Dark ReapingDark Reaping passive a bad choice.

Ex. If you have 95% essence and swing at 4 enemies, hitting 1 makes the essence go to max and the damage bonus is now not applied to the other 3.

Overall I don't see this going over GR100 but would be more suitable for a cool speedbuild with Inarius set but it's good to see that people are experimenting so I don't want to hammer down on things but all the above is important to consider if you attempt to solo high GRs.

Edited by Arkpit

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I will see what GR Im doing now.  Although I ment doing the normal rifts speedfarmign with this one. Cause Im farming deads breath like crazy for cubing LOL) Its the torment 9 one, so I think 40. I can do higher though but then I must play very focussed.  (im clearing it in 2 minutes). I am at now since nothing is ancient. Yes I am still upgrating my bane of the stricken. That other legendary ring I have not found yet. but Because of the melee range of the build and having fraility as an aura the briggs wrath IS needed. Otherwise you ll need to spend time grouping them all up, now they all are getting pulled onto you so you can start nova en corpsoing away killing in seconds. 

 I love playing this build and with the equipment I have (all non ancient still cause I just returned to diablo 3  1 month ago) I do better with this build then with the top tier builds with the non ancient gear that i have. On the level i am at now. 

I will ofcourse keep testing and if i get the items i wil ltry them out. I spam the nova so much that I really can make use of the offhand. Singularity is not in it cause of its in my other buildalready ^^ (I make themed builds around the sets) but I see your point on the matter. Dark reaping isnt that much needed too i agree I think i will swap that one out for a life safer. like the passive that gives health globes. 

Edited by Danny1985

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Right, so, at T9 and GR40 it sort of doesn't matter what you use, you will smash it anyway. Using any of the speedbuilds you can smash 2minutes at T13/GR65 with ease as long as you have the weapon ancient and rest is "meh".

Bane of the StrickenBane of the Stricken btw should never be used unless you are playing higher GRs and boss is taking time because stricken ONLY adds the lvl 25 effect on the boss, not on unique and elite packs. Therefor useless in speedfarming so pick anything but that.

Briggs' WrathBriggs' Wrath works fine as long as it's low GRs/Torment but higher up you will need more damage and then the Krysbin's SentenceKrysbin's Sentence has to come in, or swap the Obsidian Ring of the ZodiacObsidian Ring of the Zodiac in the cube for krysbin.

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Ok thank you for your advice.

with all the other builds I struggle but mainly because of survivability. I just die when I get hit :P 
Or I run out of essence cause there is no essence generator while im cursing with borrowed time. If I pop the land of the dead I keep struggling still because of the huge cooldown. so for now I will keep playing the one that works best for me :) Until I will be able to do higher things. 


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1 hour ago, Danny1985 said:

with all the other builds I struggle but mainly because of survivability. I just die when I get hit :P 

Can't blame you there! Speedfarming builds often sacrifice all survivability for speed and they often require you to be like paragon 800+

This is my alltime favorite speedfarm build for Necro and I run T13/GR65 around 2min on hardcore as paragon 900~ish

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This is an interesting build. Thank you, Danny1985, for posting it.

Thank you to Arkpit for pointing out https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/corpse-lance-necromancer-speed-farming-variation. I was vaguely aware of the speedfarming variation, but  I still hate playing a Corpse Lance build. I use it for rift pushing because there seems to be no viable alternative; it is simply the most powerful build out there.

I play necro because I wanted to command an army of the risen dead, not to be some weird beak-faced hopping thing, completely helpless and impotent except for ten seconds at a time when I am the apotheosis of death. Unfortunately, Rathma builds are too fiddly and squishy and simply not as powerful as Pest CL builds. As a result, I play my speedfarming Inarius buld mindlessly for bounties/keystones/leveling gems to ~55/60, then Pest CL for the last few levels of the gems, then repeat.

I posted this necro speedfarming build recently and for some reason it got no responses, although a number of people saw it. I like the build which I posted, and hoped it would be useful to others, in large part because of the ease of play; it requires very little effort or concentration; you just run through the mobs and they die and I occasionally recast Bone Armor and I cast a few Death Novas when I run across Elites. I can easily listen to podcasts or books on tape while playing, making my game time less of a complete waste of time.

The comments on Danny1985's build give me ideas for improving my build. Cubing Steuart's GreavesSteuart's Greaves will result in far greater run speed than cubing Krelm's Buff BeltKrelm's Buff Belt, and doing so removes the need for Molten Wildebeest's GizzardMolten Wildebeest's Gizzard. Instead, either another DOT gem can be socketed, or, as Arkpit suggests, Bane of the PowerfulBane of the Powerful, which is a straight 20% damage boost and applies to Bone Armor, plus 15% extra damage against Elites and 15% reduced damage from Elites. This seems compelling and I think I will go with this approach.

Thanks for this build suggestion, and for the comments, which I will use to improve my preferred build. Any comments on my build would be very welcome; I was nonplussed by the the silence which greeted it. Perhaps my post actually contained a Gem of Efficacious ToxinGem of Efficacious Toxin, poisoning all who read it; in that case, my apologies; I have some extra Zofran if you need it, and some buckets.


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      There are two variants for this build and depending on preference: Grim Scythe (stable dps) or the Devour (burst dps)
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      Off-Hand: Leger's Disdain (grim scythe build) or Lost Time (speed)
      Set: Inarius's Conviction + Inarius's Martyrdom + Inarius's Perseverance + Inarius's Reticence + Inarius's Understanding + Inarius's Will
      Necklace: Wisdom of Kalan
      Belt: Goldwrap
      Ring #1: Krysbin's Sentence
      Ring #2: Avarice Band or Briggs' Wrath (whichever rolled better)
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      Kunai Cube:
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      Aquila Cuirass or Grasps of Essence (depending if you're using corpse explosion - also note I suggest adding Flawless Royal Diamond to some sockets to add some resistance if you're giving up the damage reduction)
      Legendary Gems:
      Bane of the Trapped
      Boon of the Hoarder
      Gogok of Swiftness (Grim Scythe) or Wreath of Lightning (Speed)
      Helm: Flawless Royal Diamond
      Everywhere Else: Flawless Royal Diamond (Survivability) or Flawless Royal Topaz (Damage)
      Grim Scythe variant:
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      Bone Armor (keeping on cooldown), to get things started. Land of the Dead to start building your momentum when your 1st elite pack shows up. Corpse Explosion  you'll be using as your main point of dps because you'll be dragging everything on the screen towards you, piling towards the center to deliver devastating splash damage. Blood Rush + Devour in sync will be used as your movement utility, which during your In-geom proccing will make Devour almost needed because of how quick you'll be moving and how quickly your health will drain. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Reference for a standard ancient only build: https://www.d3planner.com/236420675
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