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Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 25976 Highlights

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Check out what's new in this week's Alpha Build of Battle for Azeroth!


  • The second Alpha Build of Battle for Azeroth added racial abilities for Dark Iron Dwarves.
  • Vulpera have been added to tables with playable races. In the first Alpha Build, Blizzard also added entries for "ThinHuman" and "Kul'Tiran".
  • We found a lot of talent changes and updated our post about Class Changes in Battle for Azeroth with the latest talent trees.
  • Improved Flight Master's WhistleImproved Flight Master's Whistle has been added to items along with new Profession items.
  • We've datamined new broadcast text, global strings and zones (see below).

Class Changes

The latest changes to talents can be found here.

New Achievements

Broadcast Text

  • "Dis intrusion ends here! None of ya gonna interrupt de mistress!"
  • "Calm yourself, Yazma. Everything is proceeding as I have forseen."
  • "Your visions had best be right about dis, Zul, or we will all be food for de loa."
  • "Did you ""foresee"" de casualties we would suffer?"
  • "Zul! I have come for your head."
  • "And I have come for your soul."
  • "And I need you to stand... right... there."
  • "Yazma, protect the tomb until Dazar has risen. Kill any who would try to enter."
  • "And where are you going?"
  • "My work has only just begun."
  • "You think I ruled this long by being weak?"
  • "Yes."
  • "You have become stagnant, old friend. You have let our empire rot and decay under your leadership. I have foreseen the troll empire rising again."
  • "I give you this prophecy. The troll empire will rule this world, last as it was first. And upon its throne shall sit the a king, last as he was first, though neither you or I will live as we do to see it. Such is the vision shown to me by MY god..."
  • "The time of deals with invaders and loa is over. The age of the trolls has come."
  • "Should we pursue dem?"
  • "No. In time, he will come to us. For now, my allies, we have much to do."
  • "Now. Shatter final seal. Slay any who would stop you."
  • "Vorrik! You shame the sethrak, allying with these scum."
  • "No more talking, Korthek! Hand over the key to Mythrax. Do one last decent thing with your life."
  • "You are right about one thing. The time for talking is over!"
  • "The key is deep within my fortress, Vorrik. Or did you think I was foolish enough to carry it on my person?"
  • "Impressive, Vorrik. But it will not be enough to stop me!"
  • "Come then, see the true power of the sethrak!"

Char Races

Vulpera have been added to table that contain information about playable races. Some players started speculating they may be added as a future Allied Race, but Blizzard said in a blue post that datamining should be taken with a grain of salt.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

As we mentioned when race information for Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves was datamined during development of Patch 7.3, we’ve found that setting up certain races as though they were player characters can be highly advantageous for NPC customization in story content. While those races did become Allied Races later, we still intend to use this approach for non-playable races. 

Please don’t take a race being datamined in this way as an indication that it will become playable in the future! :)

Global Strings

  • "CONFIRM_ALLY_CHOICE","Are you sure you wish to pursue this lead? You may only seek one ally at a time."
  • "ALLIED_RACE_UNLOCK_TEXT","To unlock this race:"
  • "CHARACTER_CREATION_REQUIREMENTS_NEED_8_0","You need to have Battle for Azeroth."
  • "CHARACTER_CREATION_REQUIREMENTS_NEED_ACHIEVEMENT","You need to complete an achievement to unlock this race."
  • "CHAR_CREATE_ALLIED_RACE_ACHIEVEMENT","You have not completed the achievement to unlock this race."
  • "BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_ALLIED_RACE_CHANGE_HERITAGE_WARNING","|cff66bbff*Race changing to an Allied Race makes the character ineligible for their Heritage armor set.|r"
  • "BOOST_ALLIED_RACE_HERITAGE_ARMOR_WARNING", Boosting this character will make $Ghim:her; ineligble to receive his/her; %s heritage armor set. <a>Click here</a> for more info.|n|nAre you sure you want to boost this character?

Items [Full List]


First Aid



Other Items

World Safe Locs

  • "Valor's Rest"
  • "8.0 Vol'dun - Cracked Coast - Akunda Ride - Safe Loc (msc)"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Windswept Coast GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - North Deadwood Wash GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Thresher's Wharf GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Hunting Lodge GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Stormsong Keep GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Shrine of the Storm GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Logjam GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Deadwood Reclamation GY - GJC"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (09) Norwington Estate"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (10) Anglepoint Wharf"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (11) Outrigger Point"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (12) Roughneck Camp"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (13) Westwind Weald"
  • "Vol'dun - Arena GY"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (14) Fernwood Ridge"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (02) Bridgeport"
  • "8.0 Tol Dagor - (01) Tol Dagor"
  • "8.0 Tiragarde Sound - (17) Southport Watch"
  • "8.0 Boralus - (01) Alliance Hub"
  • "8.0 Boralus - (02) Market Road"
  • "8.0 Boralus - (03) Old Town"
  • "8.0 Boralus - (04) Academy"
  • "8.0 Boralus - (05) Stormsong Monastery"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Brennadam Square GY - AJB"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Collapsed Field GY - AJB"
  • "8.0 Stormsong - Ettin Valley GY - AJB"
  • "Zandalar Finale - The Sliver GY"
  • "Zandalar Finale - Garden of the Loa GY"
  • "Zandalar Finale - Zocalo GY"
  • "Drustvar-ForestCliffGY"
  • "Drustvar-AromsStandGY"
  • "8.0 Vol'dun - Sethrak Fortress- Bombing Run Safe Port - (STM)"
  • "Drustvar-FalconhurstGY"
  • "8.0 Horde Intro - Scenario - Stage 1 and 2 Graveyard (JAK)"
  • "8.0 Horde Intro - Scenario - Stage 3 and 4 Graveyard (JAK)"
  • "8.0 Horde Intro - Scenario - Stage 5 Graveyard (JAK)"
  • "8.0 Horde Intro - Scenario - Stage 6 Graveyard (JAK)"
  • "8.0 Horde Intro - Scenario - Stage 7 Graveyard (JAK)"
  • "8.0 Horde Intro - Scenario - Stage 8 Graveyard (JAK)"
  • "8.0 Horde Intro - Scenario - Stage 9 Graveyard (JAK)"
  • "8.0 Drustvar Dungeon - Entrance"
  • "Shrine of the Storm Dungeon - Entrance"
  • "8.0 Outlaw Town Dungeon - Zone Out"
  • "Drustvar-ChapelGY"
  • "Drustvar-Watchman'sPointGY"
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I'm curious as to whether those Inscription "Shouts" depend upon your current stats (at time of use), or whether they act off of baseline stats (pre-bonuses).  Interesting that they are applied to the entire raid/party - that should make them sell less often, but sell for higher amounts.

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      A new book discovered by Ursoc on the 10.2 PTR tells a story of a dragon named "Erinethria" and her bold adventures "Beyond the Storming Sea", possibly hinting at Patch 11.0 and the next WoW expansion.
      The book has 9 pages and here's the full transcript:
      In the days when the kingdom of dragons was young, brave Erinethria's emerald wings soared above the clouds.
      The fastest flier of her day, she feared no enemy. Nor would she back down from any challenge.
      Alas, her courage would be her undoing.
      Erinethria had flown to the far corners of Kalimdor and back. She had witnessed wondrous sights, and loved to share stories of them with her kin.
      Yet there came a day when Erinethria felt she had seen all there was to see of the world. She grew bored. Restless.
      Erinethria sought the wisdom of Keeper Tyr.
      "Great keeper, is there any mystery left for me to discover? Any riddle yet to be solved?"
      "Everything you need is here, child. What more could you want to see? What else could you seek to know?"
      As the dragon's brow furrowed, a cool wind blew in from the west.
      "The breeze, great keeper. I wish to see the place from whence the winds are born."
      Tyr grew solemn. "Beyond the Storming Sea lies only ruin. Stay close to home. Stay close to kin."
      Tyr's warning hung like a shadow over Erinethria's heart. It clashed again and again with her deep yearning for answers. 
      One bright morning, the green dragons bid farewell to her clutchmates.
      "Fear not," she told them, "for I can fly higher than any storm. Faster than any thunder. and when I know from whence the west winds come, I shall return home and tell you all!"
      And with that, Erinethria soared into the sky.
      Moons passed. And still more. Yet brave Erinethria did not return.
      Even Ysera woke from her dreaming to aid in the search. But there was no sign to be found.
      Most believed that Erinethria was lost to the Storming Sea. That her nightly wings grew tired and torn by the harsh winds, and that she tumbled into the roiling waters.
      But some greens claimed that they saw her in their dreams. That she reached a land beyond, where she raised a brood of her own.
      Surely after all these ages, we must accept the truth of her loss. While we honor her courage, we must remember the wisdom she failed to heed.
      Beyond the Storming Sea lies only ruin. Stay close to home. Stay close to kin.
      Beware, beware, the wind from the west. Its call holds only doom,
      For if you take wings across storm and sea,
      You shall share Erinethria's tomb.
      The book tells a story of a green dragon named Erinethria, famed for her unparalleled flying skills and bravery. Having explored vast expanses of Kalimdor, she still yearned for more. Despite Keeper Tyr's warnings against venturing beyond the Storming Sea, her curiosity led her to seek the source of the west winds.
      Sadly, she never returned after her departure. While most believed she perished in the Storming Seas, some dreamt of her in distant lands. The tale ends with a cautionary reminder of the perilous call of the western winds and the importance of listening to advice.
      "Beware, beware, the winds from the west. Its call holds only doom."
      So far, we know the Patch 11.0 Heroic Edition pre-order mount is called Algarian Stomrider and we expect Blizzard to reveal the next expansion at BlizzCon 2023.
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