Blue Posts - Feb 8: Doomfist Changes Coming

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While waiting for today's patch, let's catch up on the latest Overwatch blue post activity.

A new patch is coming later today. The patch notes were accidentally leaked on the official site, but they have since been removed. We will wait with putting out an article until they are officially revealed; we know for sure that the update will contain the Year of the Dog event and a feature that will allow you to change skins at the start of the match.

Οne of the additions of the Year of the Dog event is the new map, Ayutthaya. Apparently, this Capture the Flag map is here to stay - forever!

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

Yes, Ayutthaya will be a permanent addition to the Capture the Flag map pool. (source)

Jeff Kaplan was very active in the forums yesterday (or earlier today, depending on where you live). Naturally, he answered a lot of questions regarding hero balance. The team is currently evaluating the following heroes: Torbjorn, Symmetra, Mei, Doomfist, Sombra and Hanzo. Torbjorn changes will still be a while from now, as they won't be available with the next PTR patch. Perhaps he's getting a rework?

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

We're always evaluating all of the heroes. We don't have any D.Va adjustments in the works. She gets played a lot and is very powerful but she's not on our list currently.

These heroes are on our balance list:


We're trying different things for all of them. I know you want details but I don't have them now -- we're experimenting. Some will be ready sooner than others. I'd expect Mei, Sombra and Doomfist first... maybe Hanzo depending on the direction we pick. (source)

Torb is on the list but no changes on the next PTR. He's going to take some time to do what we want to do. (source)

Going into the specifics of the Doomfist changes, Geoff Goodman explained that the Offense hero will receive two small buffs: one in today's patch, the other one in the next PTR.

Blizzard LogoGeoff Goodman

Doomfist actually has a couple things coming, one change is coming in the next update.

The change that is coming soon will help make his primary fire more consistent. We've increased the number of bullets that he fires, but lowered their individual damage. The net result is the same damage over time, but there shouldn't be as much variance from shot to the next. Along the same lines, we've changed his spread pattern to help consistency as well.

There is at least one more change we're testing that wont hit until a little bit later, which you guys still see once we get closer to the next PTR (as Jeff noted). (source)

Lastly, apart from D.Va, heroes that are NOT getting any changes for now are Pharah, Mercy (after her fall from grace) and Winston.

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

We feel like Pharah is in good spot right now. (source)

We have no plans to revert Mercy. We also feel like she's not in a horrible place or unplayable. 

It's still to be determined if she is exactly where she should be because it has been too soon and the dust needs to settle. Her playtime in QP and Comp is still incredibly high. Her winrate is still above 50% but more in line with what we'd expect.

But I'd like to put the notion that Mercy is going to be reverted to rest.

Also, we don't agree with the statement that all supports are weak. Support heroes are extremely powerful and impactful in OW. (source)

We feel like Winston's shield is extremely powerful. Winston uses his shield very differently than Reinhardt or Orisa but we feel like it fits his kit well and is very strong. We're not currently thinking about any buffs for Winston. (source)

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The change to Doomfist's Hand Cannon should go live today by the way. I saw a leaked patch notes post where the changes were bullet damage reduced to 6 from 11, but the amount of projectiles from 6 to 11.

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8 hours ago, leapingshadow said:

I saw a leaked patch notes post where the changes were bullet damage reduced to 6 from 11, but the amount of projectiles from 6 to 11


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      Geoff Goodman
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      (source) Hanzo's Ultimate charge generation rate is also under scrutiny, but the team wants to see how the aforementioned changes affect the performance of the Japanese archer before tweaking him any further.
      Geoff Goodman
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      Jeff Kaplan
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      After Hanzo's rework, the next hero in line is Symmetra. We already know that her rework is going to turn her into a Defense hero and Geoff Goodman shared some further insight onto some of the changes the team is experimenting on.
      Geoff Goodman
      I don’t really have visuals to show you sadly, but we’re very much in progress working on her still. There have been a few changes to her as we’ve been play testing her since I last posted.
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      Secondly, her teleporter ability now requires a button input to trigger, but the teleporter works both directions. This means you can do new tricks like tossing it into an enemy Zarya ult from far away and pull your team out to safety. We’ve also seen interesting strats where a Symm can baby-sit a friendly Ana/Zen and place a TP if they get jumped on, giving a mobility out to heroes that don’t typically have that option. There is a small cooldown before you can take the teleporter once you’ve used it, so you can’t just spam back and forth instantly.
      Those are the biggest changes since last post, but there have been many small numbers tweaks to get her in shape. Hopefully we’ll have something reasonably soon for you guys to see/play!
      (source) Lastly, Jeff from the Overwatch team shot down the possibility of any Winston buffs for now.
      Jeff Kaplan
      We’re not currently considering buffing Winston or changing his kit. (source)
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