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[H][Kazzak] <SNI> Recruiting for Antorus Mythic and Heroic Progression.

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About us:

<Sanity not included> was founded by members from <Dude where is my mana> and <Hivemind> on the 9th January.
We seek to have fun while playing, but also, to challenge our selfs and improve all the time to achive our maximum potential.

Our Goal:

- To clear Antorus Mythic with the focus on getting Cutting Edge.
- To maintain a strong team of (active, dedicated and skilled players) who want to put effort to raid as a team.
- To maintaine a good atmosphere within the guild and on Discord.
- To have a laugh while online.


We currently have two teams.
Team 1: Currently 2/11 in Mythic.
Team 2: Currently 11/11 in Heroic.

We are looking for the following classes:

-- Ranged DPS
Marksman Hunter
Affliction Warlock
Frost/Fire Mage
Elemantal Shaman

-- Melee DPS
Retribution Paladin
Frost/Unholy Death Knight
Assassination Rogue
Havoc Demon Hunter
Ench Shaman

Note: All applications are welcome to apply of which class you play. We contantly review and consider every application we receive. We will respond within 24 hour period.

What we expect of you:

- You are a teamplayer that puts the guilds best interests before your own.
- Reading/Watching Tactics of the fights before Raid.
- Being prepared for each fights.
- Having Food, Potions, Pots ready for each fight.
- High raid attendance.
- Be able to take criticism.
- Good class knowledge.
- Independent class research for every tier.
- Have Patience while we fight.
- Able to have a laugh and bring spicy memes.
- Sign up and Show up or tell us you can't come.

What we can offer you:

- Dedicated leading team.
- Players with the same mindset as you.
- An active guild who are always up for a laugh (especially swapblasting the GM)
- Raiders who are passionate about focusing clearing current content.
- A fun relaxed environment.
- We are currently using RClootcouncil for a fair looting system.
- Discord server as voice communication program as well as a place to hang out outside of raids with your fellow guild members and friends
- A website with different options to explore.
- Guild repairs during raids.

How do i pass trial?

- You will be trial for 2 weeks.
Officers & Raid leaders will then decide your fate based on your performance during the 2 weeks of trial.

Raids Times:

(Realm Time)
Wednesday 20:00 (Realm Time)
Sunday 20:00 (Realm Time)

For Questions or inquiries please add Mrhappybunny#2423 on Bnet.

Or apply straight away at the site below.


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