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"Spirit cap" for Divine plea

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Hi there.


I have a sort of wierd question. I couldn't look it up on google, so i try to ask here.


What is a optional Spirit for 5.4 heroic content? i saw many HPally with spirit between 10-16k.

I wonder if there is a some sort of Spirit Cap for Divine Plea regen (some good number above that low 12%)


I'm currently at 14k spirit, but i find myself sometimes really low on mana (Heroic Spoils, or something like Norushen going wrong... but that's other issues).


Here is my armory if someone want to look it up: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakthul/Garrithos/advanced


I'm sorry if i open another thread on this topic.. but couldn't find any updated on heroic content.. =/


Thanks in advance.

With many regards


Garrithos from Drak'thul EU.


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both the druid and the pally in my heroic run have around 20k spirit, last patch almost every class could cap their spirit and rely on secondary stats but this content is quite different with much higher healing requirements

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      Hi, I've been reading the Holy Paladin guide from Icy Veins, but I can't understand why Mark of Shadowmoon is better than Mark of the Thunderlord if Crit is the 2nd most important stat (after Intellect obviously). I'd appreciate any help!
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      I've read the guide on Icy Veins, and I've checked out ask Mr. Robot. The general consensus there is that spirit > *.
      In my guild, our priest class officer disagrees completely. His recommendation is that after 9k or so spirit, you should reforge EVERYTHING except for mastery to crit and gem for crit as well. 
      I'm having a really hard time on Garrosh (normal). I'm not running out of mana, but in the phases where everyone is spread out for the empowered whirlwinds, I'm having a really difficult time putting out enough heals. 
      So who's right? Should I follow Icy Veins and Mr. Robot or should I crit all the things? 
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      Hi all, I've been playing a Holy Paladin since BC, but didn't get into raiding with Holy until MoP (I used to be a tank). I've seen many places that put Spirit in front of Intellect for Holy. What is your opinion on this?
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      We are just starting to get into SoO heroics, we just downed Immerseus and Norushen last night. I've had my Spirit Capped at 8k since HoF, and right now I'm almost at 40k spell power unbuffed (a couple more item upgrades next week and I'll be above 40k, 1/2 for some items). Sacred Shield absorbs are about 48k each, which is my top healing ability according to Skada, it finally passed Illuminated Healing. I don't really have a problem with running out of mana for two reasons, I always use Divine Plea on Cooldown, I have NeedToKnow set up to track Lucidity from the meta gem, so that I use my most mana-hungry spells during that. I don't have a problem with staying at the top of our healing meters along with a Disc Priest and Resto Druid.
      The reason I do this is because I want to maximize the potential for the spells that I do cast, rather than just spamming as many heals as I can get in. For example, with Lucidity, I can get 3 Flash Heals and 1 Holy Shock in before the timer runs out, and it usually procs soon after that. I believe that having mana left over after a fight is just wasted heals, and I plan to use all of my mana for the entire fight, ans save my mana potions for the last phase of a fight.
      So, my question to you is: what is your opinions on capping Spirit and maxing Intellect, or visa versa? Do you think that if I prioritized Spirit instead of Intellect it would improve my healing output? I've seen some of the Paladins from the top world raiding guilds doing this instead, but I don't know how their numbers are.
      Thanks for any opinions you can give me, I'd like to maximize my healing potential in our raids.
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      I am struggling to find a comfortable number for spirit on my Hpally.  Are there any suggestions or guidelines from the community?
      I understand that I should stack spirit until I feel comfortable with my mana, but thats exactly where I am struggling... some fights I get mana sucked and some I have mana to spare. 
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      So, I have a question on Hit for Priests. (Which, is also affected by Spirit, of course)
      To my understanding, Shadowpriests have been able to get away with fudging on their Hit a bit. In fact, ElitistJerks has said that, the greater your haste, the less you have to worry about being Hit capped.
      My own Spriest's hit tends to be closer to 14% (instead of the 15% cap), allowing me to reforge into a bit more Crit after the Haste cap. I rarely miss anything, as far as I can tell. Except, when it is a fight mechanic, like with the second boss of MSV. (And, with that fight, I once put on a Spirit flask to see if it would let me overcome the Hit reduction in the first phase of that fight... it didn't make a difference)
      Recently, someone in another forum told me that I need to bring my Hit back up to 15%. His justification for this was the 5% buff to Shadowform damage in 5.2. Which, as far as I can tell, doesn't have anything to do with Hit mechanics. But, perhaps someone here can illuminate me on whether I'm doing it wrong?
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