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(A) <Throne> Join Our Fam!!

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<Throne> Looking for a guild that is active and running what you want when you want?


Hello! That is us!


We love to PvP, run ALL Mythic +'s no matter the key (there's always a chest at the end) and *Raiding.* We are looking to progress in the game in all aspects and if a Mythic Raid Team forms naturally, then by all means, let's down some BO$$E$!! Our main goal is to be active, what comes after, is up to YOU!!


About Us:


           We are a group of duders that crack jokes, fart, eat, sleep, WORK IRL and GAME. We have been playing this games since it's inception in 2004 and have stopped since. Some have split off to become "progressionists" but we have always found ourselves coming back together in the end.


           We are looking to form a place where everyone can get achievements, make progression and have people there that are understanding and looking to help. We've all been there, failed, tried again, failed again, and kept pushing. Individual progression doesn't happen the same for all of us in this game, and we understand that.


What to Expect:


            This guild is built on the premise that you will ALWAYS be gaining the experiences that you first looked to have when joining the WoW community. Deciding to continuously pay monthly for a "game" is a hard decision, and we don't want to make that harder, haha!


            Joining <Throne> means that you've finally decided to put what you want first. It's a dedication to logging in and promising the people around you that you'll have a good time and be there to help them, have the same experience that you are wanting yourself.


            We are looking for people that want to do it all, see it all, and not be held back because you "weren't" good enough. That's what bad dads say, and were not your parents.


Feel Free to send me a direct message!




I'm not asking you to server change, just asking you to join us in the fun. We are always looking for people or looking to see who out there might be needing us!

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