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[Thrall][H] <Crimson Onslaught> (4/11M) Are you ready for Mythic Progression?

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If so, welcome home! We are Crimson Onslaught, a top 50 hardcore progression guild on Thrall with a mission to have fun and kill bosses.

We are currently 4/11 Mythic, soon to be 5. Our family consists primarily of long-term hardcore raiders with former realm-first resumes. We enjoy working together to tackle new challenges and make a name for ourselves as the best Thrall has to offer.

This is where YOU come in. We need a solid Mage and Elemental Shaman (with resto offspec) to round out the roster. We expect raiders to have solid attendance, team-oriented goals, and a pve skillset that includes mechanics, studying upcoming fights, and accepting raid leader feedback. We review logs during and after raids and offer positive, constructive feedback. This is how we have found success despite just 5 hours a week raiding!

That's right, we raid 7:30-10:00pm server time every Tuesday and Wednesday!

Are you the next top Mage or Shaman? Btag me at taylor316#1851 or pst me in game on Kerrygan. I will schedule you for a full interview to ensure we are a proper match. I assure you, Crimson Onslaught is the home you have been looking for!

P.S. We run a second raid group that is 1/11 Mythic, which raids Thur/Sun nights. I am currently interviewing candidates of all classes/specs for a potential role. If you don't meet the class requirements for the main group, but wish to apply for the second, let me know!

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