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[H][Area 52][US] <Bloodgarde> Recruiting NOW!

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<Bloodgarde> on Area 52 is a brand new Horde guild recruiting for a couple Officer positions and a raid lead position for our first raid team. Guild is open to all levels and we are planning community events. We are currently 47 members strong (03/03/18) and working to grow. If you’d like to grow the guild with me then please, by all means, keep reading on!


Raid Goals:

<Bloodgarde> is focused on downing no less than Heroic content and pushing for Mythic content. For us though, this means downing mythic content at our own pace by our rules. It’s the satisfaction of finishing the hardest content on our own terms that we thrive on. Right now the goal is to get a group together for heroic Antorus to raid and push Mythic until BfA raiding is released.


Please, if you are interested in becoming our first raid lead leave a post here and/or add my battletag, (down below), and we’ll talk.


Community Events:

The guild is fairly new so right now we are actively working on this. I would like to, as soon as I recruit an Officer or two, talk with them about event possibilities.



Right now we have a working and online Discord server which will be required for raiding.



Much like most officers in guilds you will be in charge of keeping the guild running smoothly, problem free and reporting back to me ideas, suggestions and information. Please be able to resolve problems if i'm not around, this is a must. You’ll also have the ability to invite and remove members from the guild. Please let me know if you are interested in this as well.


Lastly, we have a guild bank open and running with 7 tabs. All tabs are separated for their specific purposes.


I want this guild to be a fun place to be as well as downing hard content and doing community things! If you whisper me in game and/or add my battletag, please mention you are interested in the guild so I know what any of you are adding me for. Thanks for your time! :D


We now have a website up for the guild and applications are available for raid spots!
Website: https://goo.gl/C62r6j
Raid App: https://goo.gl/15Y3a3


BATTLETAG: Khromrok#1310

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