What's the Move #18 - Figuring out Fatigue

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Alliestraza draws the last card in her deck, an Ultimate Infestation, against her teammate Senfglas at Seatstory Cup 8. With access to no additional resources for the rest of the game, what can she do to maximize her chances of winning?

Fatigue scenarios are some of my favorite situations to navigate in all of Hearthstone. The ebb and flow of a normal match of Hearthstone has far too many variables to calculate the "perfect" move for every turn, but that all changes as we approach fatigue. With no cards left in your deck, Hearthstone devolves into an entirely different game which has a limited number of endings to it. We can often work backwards from these potential endings to determine the perfect line, which is what I attempt to do in this week's episode of WTM:

Taken from a match between Alliestraza and Senflgas during Seatstory Cup 8, this play was suggested by @sn_leon on twitter. Cheers for that! I had a lot of fun piecing together the logic and explanation for this week's episode, and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

See you all next week!

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pretty cool, i would have gone by instinct and played the UI, but it's always so nice to watch you break down the individual chances of each outcome :)

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Spreading Plague gave Senfglas two draws... Isn't the UI play better because it could have prevented the Flamestrike draw?

Edit: nvm got it .. 

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