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[Frostmourne] [A] <Trucido> 1day per week (6/11 M) GMT+7

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We're mythic guild from Thailand!   *GMT+7 (1 night raiding guild on Wednesday)
We began raiding since the middle of Mist of Pandaria (Start wiping at mythic raid at this point xD)
                        - Got first cutting edges here
 - - - - - - - - !@#$% DATA NOT FOUND in WOD %^&* - - - - - - - -
We're semi-hardcore for raiding content in Legion now!
                                             - 7/7m Cutting Edges : Xavius
                                             - 10/10m Cutting Edges : Gul'dan
                                             - 6/9m Not complete in ToS- Missing many people
                                             - 6/11m and still counting in Antorus da burning throne!
We're using discord during we progress and we use Thai as our major language on discord! But we do speak English if needed!
                - We have many nations raiding here since we start our guild back in MoP, Malaysian, Cambodian,
                 Singaporean,Australian,American and Indian!  (+Thai)
                - We did bring them to finish the Cutting Edges with our Thai-English accent! So you will be fine :D
                        - Our English is not perfect tho, but its enough to finish any mythic raiding content if.....
                                                              - You can fulfill the spot we need!
Now we're LOOKING FOR................... Range dps > Melee dps > Healer > Tank                
What are we expecting from you.....
 1) Knows your class well (meaning all active&passive skills) + understand the max potential of your class (Not minimum)
2) Prepare for our raid every week! We can help you with any classes with raidbots, warcraftslog and etc if you needed
Discord link : https://discord.gg/kv5MKQR ( TRUCIDOOOOO )
Btag : StewieS#1402


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update some infos

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Made some small changes to your title to fit rules for the forum (order, removed region, etc.)

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