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{ EU - Alonsus } Origin team 2 Recruitment.

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Origin was formed during patch 4.2 as a 10-man raiding guild, primarily consisting of ex-hardcore raiders wanting to raid less but still progress at a decent rate in current content. Since then our aim has been to maintain our position as the #1 10-man raiding guild on Alonsus.


We are a friendly bunch of people and most of us are pretty active throughout the week, with a large group of social players as well - we accept players to our social ranks who are friendly and active, usually but not solely through friends that are currently in guild.


Our guild currently encompasses 2 raid teams, a 4 day/week semi hardcore team and a recently established 3 day/week casual team. We also run ad hoc alt/social/flex raids most weeks.


A key benefit of raiding in Origin with a second team is the access to the resource, knowledge and occasionally players provided by our more hardcore team; with guides, tips and discussions on the forum for all Heroic content as well as Normal.


Team Information Team 1 - 11/14HC - 4 nights per week - 20:00-24:00ST - Wed/Sun/Mon/Tue


Team 2 - 2/14HC - 3 nights per week - 20:15-24:00ST - Wed/Thur/Sun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Team 1 ] See above topic for up to date information.

Team 2 Recruitment opened for the following classes: Tank - Brewmaster Monk, Protection Paladin or Guardian Druid Ranged DPS - Mage, Warlock, Boomkin, Hunter or Spriest.

Strong applicants of classes not stated in the above list are always welcomed and considered, so please don't be put off if you would be interested in raiding with us and your own class/spec isn't on the list above!

Social Social applicants of any class/spec/level are also welcomed, subject to an application demonstrating that you are a going to be a friendly addition to the guild, or ties with any of our current raiders able to vouch for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements




Other requirements;


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For any questions relating to Team 2, contact Chipsy or Podgertsu.

For any questions relating to the guild as a whole or specifically for Team 1, contact myself, Malfunction or Vanitas in game. In the event that we aren't online, any other guild member should be able to point you in the right direction.

For all applications or other enquiries, our guild website is: www.origin-alonsus.com

For Heroic boss strategies and other WoW related content, check out my personal website: www.vengeanceking.com

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