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[H] <Definitely Maybe - Ragnaros - EU> Recruiting 6/11m

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Who are we:

"Definitely Maybe (DM) is long standing guild, formerly of Kilrogg. We formed in Cata from a group of players who all raided together in another guild. Much of that same core remains. We raided 10 man heroic while it was a thing and aim to raid mythic in BFA. In Legion we've had significant roster problems due to the tiny horde population of Kilrogg. At the time of writing there is only one other guild doing mythic horde-side. We made 7/10 mythic in Nighthold, but in Tomb and Antorus only managed about one mythic raid every 3 weeks or so, purely due to numbers. We're 6/11 mythic Antorus.

Due to low population of Kilrogg, which has plagued us all expansion, we'd decided to move to Ragnaros. Some of the guild has already moved and some will be moving between now and BFA. Our aim is to recruit to have a solid mythic roster for BFA and if possible to get some mythic in before then if we can recruit enough new blood to fill the holes. Antorus becoming x-realm should make this and our transition between servers easier. Right now, we're looking relatively long term in our plans and would hope to recruit people with the same outlook. Many of us have stuck together for several expacs and we hope to make a solid home on Ragnaros, find some likeminded players to join us and be here for several expacs to come.

What are we looking for:

We're mostly looking for DPS, but those with hybrid heal/dps or tank/dps will be considered, though it is likely you will mostly be dps'ing in the short term.

In terms of attitude, we're looking for folks with a mature, laid back attitude who want to progress well as a group and who'll put the success of the raid above their own 'meter dreams' or rankings. We've had very little drama over the many years we've played togther and we're very much looking to keep things that way. 

Raiding Times:

We try to raid every Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday from 21:30 untill 00:30 server time.

We handle the following requirements:

- Have a ILVL of 950 and have at least heroic raiding experience (show logs).
- Be willing to use Discord for voice communication , having a microphone is not a must but is greatly appreciated.
- Sign up for raids and be on time and prepared.

How to contact:

If you are interested in joining our guild or got any further questions dont hesitate to message me by replying on the post or either by sending a message to Battletag Meltdown#2607 or Discord Pyra#0853

website for more info: http://dmguild.shivtr.com/

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