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[Turalyon] [H] <Concordant> LF Mythic Raiders!

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    • By Staff
      Not satisfied with one fully neutral, never leaving the Wandering isle character, NeutralAgent has been hard at work maxing out all 8 classes that can remain neutral! He's recently done it and got them all to the level 70 Dragonflight cap, all without even picking a faction! 
      That's a Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, and there's even a bonus second level 70 Shaman in there as well! It took almost a year and a half since the first level 70 neutral, the Shaman Doubleagent, was done in Dragonflight,
       The Monk was left for last in this latest trip to the new expansion max level, so let's take a look!  
      They're all ready to go for the next level cap increase coming with the War Within, so we'll see how long it takes this time around.
    • By Staff
      Image Source: Frequent-Self-8889
      Blizzard have clarified the reason behind the recent reduction for everyone's new favorite mount, as they are trying to fix some animation issues and he will return to his big boy size in 10.2.7.
      Taivan (Source)
      In order to alleviate some animation bugs with Taivan, we recently reduced the default size of the mount.
      This was a temporary measure, and we’re developing fixes for everyone’s goodest good boy. We expect to return Taivan to a larger size in 10.2.7, and we’re planning to test those fixes in an upcoming 10.2.7 PTR build.
      We appreciate the enthusiastic feedback we’ve gotten on this!
    • By Staff
      The community has noticed multiple changes in Dalaran in the forthcoming Dark Heart patch.
      As spotted by Constellar-A, the Legion version of Dalaran underwent the following changes:
      The Forsaken and Worgen guards for the Alliance and Horde areas have been replaced with Blood/High Elves, just like they were in Wrath.

      The Council of the Six is now found in the Portal Room, with an encrypted model (blue box) for the new member replacing Kalecgos after he stepped down at the end of Dragonflight.

      At this time, we don't know who's replacing Kalecgos. Maybe it's going to be Aethas or perhaps even Thalyssra? Let us know your wild guesses down in the comments!
      Source: Reddit
    • By Staff
      Kul Tiran Humans received a few new hair colors in Patch 10.2.7 that we preview in our latest post.
      In total, the Alliance Allied Race got 6 hair colors.

    • By Starym
      We have another combo hotfix platter with retail and Season of Discovery, with 10.2.6 getting two Druid fixes, while SoD Phase 3 gets a lot of class changes, Darkmoon card tuning, and a raid fix.
      April 11 (Source)
      Druid Balance Fixed a bug that could prevent a Druid with Radiant Moonlight who died and resurrected from getting more than one cast of Full Moon before it resets to New Moon. Primordial Arcanic Pulsar progress now resets on raid encounter start. Feral Damage dealt from  Berserk: Frenzy and  Burning Frenzy (Seasons 3 and 4 set armor 4-piece bonus) will now log correctly when buffed by an Augmentation Evoker. Season of Discovery
      Darkmoon Card: Overgrowth proc chance increased to 10% (was 5%). Darkmoon Card: Decay now procs from ranged attacks and abilities. Anguish of the Dream’s bonus damage on next ability will no longer be consumed by professions. “Jungle Durian” now rewards 20 Jungle Durians (was 10). Rogue Cheap Shot’s stun effect can now correctly apply to targets under the effects of Goblin Rocket Helmet’s Reckless Charge. Combat Potency and Deadly Brew can no longer proc from Fiery Weapon procs. Shaman Rolling Thunder now correctly restores 2% of the Shaman’s total mana per Lightning Shield charge released. Shamans should now appropriately have access to Rank 4 of Fire Nova (was Fire Nova Totem) when the rune is engraved. Warlock Unstable Affliction is now affected by Haunt’s increase. Damage over time effects that crit through the Pandemic rune will now be able to activate Dance of the Wicked. Felguards summoned by Warlocks are now given an appropriate demon name. Warrior Gladiator Stance will now appear at the end of your stance bar instead of the beginning and will no longer rearrange the order of your stances for the purpose of stance macros. Sunken Temple Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause Dreamscythe and Weaver to evade when their target survived falling into the Pit of Sacrifice.
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