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Unable to runeforge

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I have been waiting on Blizzard to respond to this problem for nigh on 3 mths. Still no response but hopefully someone can help here. I have a frost death knight...Ellipsîs on Khaz'goroth. She has lost rune forging, no its not in general spells and its not in specifics nor abilities. I would dearly like it back so I can play her. I have levelled her to 110 without but it would be nice to finish her off.

I have unloaded the game and reloaded it, I have turned all addons off and deleted them as well. I have deleted cache and the wtf file. I have done everything that would normally fix things but still no rune forging. I even made a macro, but that didn't do anything either it has just disappearred. I have read forums EU ones and they say they have reported it to a GM and they fixed it straight away. Unfortunately still waiting for a GM. Does anyone have an answer?

I have played for the last 9 years and to tell the truth this is the first time anything (except guilds dissolving around me) has annoyed me enough to post. last thing I play on and iMac Pro - and no that is not the reason I can't rune forge.



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Hi Cat, if the usual suspects of disabling addons doesnt work then its hard to know what is causing your issue. If you cant see the spell in your spellbook and none of the trainers in the DK hall can teach it to you (incase it was removed by some update) then its a GM only thing. 

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A quick google makes it seem like others that have had this issue in the past have been helped by a GM putting the spell back into their spellbook. If you are 100% sure it's not there, that looks like it's going to be your only choice. I can't find any evidence of a "self-fix" kind of thing. You'll just have to wait, I reckon!

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