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Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26433 Talent Changes

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We're back with another wave of talent updates. Alpha Build 26433 includes a Blood Death Knight talent overhaul and all Shaman specializations received talent swaps.

We also updated our Battle for Azeroth Class Changes to correspond with all changes listed below.

Death Knight


Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
56 HeartbreakerHeartbreaker BlooddrinkerBlooddrinker Rune StrikeRune Strike *new*
57 Rapid DecompositionRapid Decomposition HemostasisHemostasis *new* ConsumptionConsumption *new*
58 Will of the NecropolisWill of the Necropolis Anti-Magic BarrierAnti-Magic Barrier Rune TapRune Tap
60 Tightening GraspTightening Grasp Grip of the DeadGrip of the Dead *new* March of the DamnedMarch of the Damned
75 Foul BulwarkFoul Bulwark OssuaryOssuary TombstoneTombstone
90 VoraciousVoracious *new* BloodwormsBloodworms Mark of BloodMark of Blood
100 PurgatoryPurgatory Red ThirstRed Thirst BonestormBonestorm


Beast Mastery

Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Killer InstinctKiller Instinct *new* Animal Companion [NYI]Animal Companion [NYI] Dire BeastDire Beast
30 Dire StableDire Stable One with the PackOne with the Pack Chimaera ShotChimaera Shot
45 TrailblazerTrailblazer Natural MendingNatural Mending *new* CamouflageCamouflage *new*
60 Venomous BiteVenomous Bite *new* Thrill of the HuntThrill of the Hunt *new* A Murder of CrowsA Murder of Crows
75 Born To Be WildBorn To Be Wild *new* PosthastePosthaste Binding ShotBinding Shot
90 StompStomp BarrageBarrage StampedeStampede
100 Aspect of the BeastAspect of the Beast Killer CobraKiller Cobra Spitting CobraSpitting Cobra



Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 Exposed ElementsExposed Elements *new* Echo of the ElementsEcho of the Elements *new* Elemental BlastElemental Blast *new*
30 AftershockAftershock Master of the ElementsMaster of the Elements Totem MasteryTotem Mastery
45 Spirit WolfSpirit Wolf *new* Earth ShieldEarth Shield Static ChargeStatic Charge *new*
60 High VoltageHigh Voltage *new* Storm ElementalStorm Elemental Liquid Magma TotemLiquid Magma Totem
75 Nature's GuardianNature's Guardian Ancestral GuidanceAncestral Guidance Wind Rush TotemWind Rush Totem *new*
90 Earthen RageEarthen Rage Primal ElementalistPrimal Elementalist IcefuryIcefury *new*
100 Unlimited PowerUnlimited Power *new* StormkeeperStormkeeper AscendanceAscendance


Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 BoulderfistBoulderfist Hot HandHot Hand Lightning ShieldLightning Shield
30 LandslideLandslide Forceful WindsForceful Winds *new* Totem MasteryTotem Mastery *new*
45 Spirit WolfSpirit Wolf *new* Earth ShieldEarth Shield Static ChargeStatic Charge *new*
60 Searing AssaultSearing Assault HailstormHailstorm OverchargeOvercharge
75 Nature's GuardianNature's Guardian *new* Feral LungeFeral Lunge Wind Rush TotemWind Rush Totem
90 Crashing StormCrashing Storm Fury of AirFury of Air SunderingSundering
100 Elemental SpiritsElemental Spirits *new* Earthen SpikeEarthen Spike AscendanceAscendance


Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3
15 TorrentTorrent UndulationUndulation Unleash LifeUnleash Life
30 Crashing WavesCrashing Waves DelugeDeluge Earth ShieldEarth Shield
45 Spirit WolfSpirit Wolf *new* Earthgrab TotemEarthgrab Totem Static ChargeStatic Charge *new*
60 Ancestral VigorAncestral Vigor Earthen Shield TotemEarthen Wall Totem Ancestral Protection TotemAncestral Protection Totem
75 Nature's GuardianNature's Guardian *new* Graceful SpiritGraceful Spirit Wind Rush TotemWind Rush Totem
90 Bottomless DepthsBottomless Depths Echo of the ElementsEcho of the Elements Cloudburst TotemCloudburst Totem
100 High TideHigh Tide WellspringWellspring AscendanceAscendance

Previous Talent Changes

We're covering talent changes every Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build. Here's a history of our previews so far:

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Blood:  Exciting changes!  Dropping some dead talents and shuffling - and Consumption is back woot!
High Damage Survivability with Bloodworms and Purgatory could be pretty high...   The re-work on Bloodworms alone (removing the Crit requirement) was something Ive hoped for in terms of viability for quite a while.

Elemental - man...  They're shuffling this around like the community isnt happy with their progress so far 

:o  !!1!

Edited by PatrickHenry
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2 hours ago, PatrickHenry said:

Elemental - man...  They're shuffling this around like the community isnt happy with their progress so far

I can't wait til I have to decide between Echo of the Elements and Elemental Blast, talents that every Elemental needs to have a fun and not clunky rotation. 

The only thing that seems nice is that Earthen Rage seems like a viable talent now (since IceFury without T21 and Gambling Build is confusing and not rewarding at all).

I still don't know why they don't make Ascendence and Echo baseline. Unlimited Power seems a nice talent (it reminds me of T18 4p), but Stormkeeper and AS are waaaay too good for burst ST and burst AOE. 


Edit: I just noticed Aftershock and Totem Mastery are on the same talent roll, thanks again Blizzard /s 

Edited by Syktris

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Bloodworms is meh, the real deal is Voracious in my opinion. Apart from that either redesign blood talents again or honestly retune them becouse at the moment they are bad. Anti-Magic barrier won't ever beat Rune Tap as a pick and probably Will of the necropolis is gonna be the pick on that row most of the times. Apart from that if Vampiric blood isn't that strong as it is now the same applies between Purgatory and Red Thirst. If there isn't aoe either bonestorm or consumption shall see a play only becouse hemostasis is what it is. The only thing that seems interesting to me is Rune Strike and hopefully it shall synergise with Dancing Rune Weapon. 

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On 18/04/2018 at 7:50 AM, Sesyl91 said:

Why Blizzard is driving me away from my shaman? Why do they need me to decide between Echo and Elemental Blast? Dang it

Hopefully with proper feedback over the course of the Alpha and heading into Beta, there will be some changes, but you never know. People just need to be vocal, but not like they have been in the past where it is this overbearing, childish kind of vocal. Proper feedback etc. and they might just listen if enough people get on it.

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