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<Sisterhood of Justice>

We are a group of friends, who share a love for video games, we were looking for a more organized approach to the game and naturally formed a guild. We’re mainly looking for people who are curious towards PvE content such as raiding and mythic+.
We are very open and friendly and like to joke around with each other, we always have room for more people to have fun with!

For the rest of legion we plan to expand our guild, we currently run m+ with guild members, but hope to gather enough members soon to start practicing as a team on legion raids, in preparation for BFA.

In BFA we will be doing M+ to get people geared and to enjoy the challenging aspect of the game, no set dates as of yet for when m+ are being run, but more of an independent thing that happens when people ask around in chat, though planned m+ is certainly an option to be discussed at a future time.

Our ambitions are high, we would like to be clearing Mythic raiding every raid tier, but not at a competitive pace. But realistically we will start out soft with HC until we feel we have the right team and composition to progress at a slow speed.

As the raid team will be starting from scratch, we expect everyone involved to be patient, and keep their frustrations off mic or in a whisper to the raid leader and let him deal with problems that may occur.
What we expect:


  • Good and friendly attitude despite frustration during progression runs.
  • Self-awareness & self-enlightenment.
  • A raider's mentality; dedication and reliability.
  • Focus during the boss encounter.
  • Perform assigned tasks for strategy.
  • Know your class like the back of your palm.
  • Use tools like Simcraft, Warcraftlogs to better yourself.
  • Willingness to put the well-being of the raid team above personal gain (Loot, benching etc.)
  • Good attendance and preparations (Flask/Food/Pots/Vantus Runes)

Once we start raiding, we won’t hesitate to remove anyone who, repeatedly act toxic.
All raiders will be evaluated as we go, based on their performance and attitude in the raiding environment.
As we’re a new guild, we’d appreciate anyone that would help to gather reagents for the raid team.

Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday.

Time: 19:00-23:00 CEST

Loot System

We are currently using Loot Council as the looting system and will always look for the best way to improve the raid group as a whole, rather than a player. We’re a team, and there’s no I in team. But as blizzard stated they will be removing Masterloot in BFA which means we'll adapt to personal loot instead.


We use Discord for all communication and as a guild front, you will find all you need there. It will contain information about guild-based activities such as raids, t-mog runs, and alt raiding as well. Should there be something missing there, however, feel free to let an officer know and we will get that fixed

As a European guild, we are aware, those different languages will be present, we require all members to speak basic English and keep all public chatter be in guild chat or discord in English.

Anything else?

Currently, all members of the guild are friends in real life as well. This means we’ll have a friendly environment, open to get new players to join our guild and get some progression going. We’ve got a single rule due to earlier experiences, which is an age restriction on 18+.
We also play other games, so if you hit it off with some of us, why not venture outside WoW and grow the relationship.

Enough talk how do I get in touch?

Well, We're happy you asked!

You can catch either:

  • Zakeovich (Raid Leader)
  • Rhakumo (Officer)
  • Melodom (Officer)

In game or join our Discord and look for an officer.




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Fixed spaces.

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