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[A - Ravencrest - EU] <Endgame Prolific> 2day/wk Fresh guild for mythic progression in BfA

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Although we are a newly formed guild, we have veterans of the game who have been playing together since WotLK, and have banded together once more to take on the next expansion full steam ahead. We strive to be in the competitive ranks of raiding and clear content while its still challenging and fresh.


As of now, we know that this current tier has lost its competitive edge, and we do not aim to pander to our members by walking through mythic content for the sake of patting ourselves on the back. Instead, we are well and truly aiming for a blitz of this new expansion and its content with the virility of a 16 year old pubescent boy who just found his dad’s porno stash. So if your sights are set towards blazing through the next expansion with a schedule that offers flexibility in terms of raiding days, this might be the place for you.

Raid days & times:

This will be gradually phased in as we gear for the new expansion. We will be starting with a soft launch on Wed & Mon 21.00-23.00, most likely starting with some mythic+ this will really be aimed at building rapport with the group of new players we will have and ensuring the infrastructure is efficient and fully operational for our future schedule. The full launch schedule will be, (date tbd): Wed & Mon 19.00-23.00 We aim to start pulling at 19.00, invites starting 15mins before.

What we expect from you?

A player who has a thorough understanding of his/her class/spec(s), and is able to analyse logs without being asked to. Someone who does strive for min/max and wants to top the charts and has that hunger A person who wants to be part of the clan and not solely in it for his/her gain. A player who is as adept at taking praise as he/she is taking criticism. Goes without saying but, a punctual and professional player who will attend almost all our raids. A player who understands the basic addon requirements for raiding.

What you can expect from us?

Raid leaders that have in depth knowledge of encounters at first pull. Tactical knowledge of and execution to achieve maximum efficiency out of our raiding hours. A guild with real metal and a solid foundation in its administrators, ensuring it runs like clockwork.

What are we recruiting?

All classes, at this time we are building a full roster and everything is still malleable.

Why choose <Endgame Prolific>?

Have you ever been, in a cutting-edge guild, only to feel left behind from the social aspects and the banter? This is a chance to be part of something that will evolve and grow and will be something that you had a hand in, and be an integral cog of this machine. Do you feel like you’re ready to get back into the swing of things and come out all guns blazing for BfA? Then, we’re already there with you.

Interested in applying?

Contact Lusheng, Mixolydian, Yvonne, Volterra Please fill in our application form https://goo.gl/forms/7Ea63AejZE92UqhV2 And you’re welcome to hop on to our discord: https://discord.gg/CC2Nc96


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An update on our recruitment status:

I’d like to update you on our current recruitment status. As this may help you reach a clear decision by keeping you well informed.

Over the past 5 days of our official recruitment, we’ve managed to recruit several players, some of which have been playing since vanilla and can bring a wealth of experience along with them.

We hope to keep attracting players of this calibre and grow considerably while keeping a healthy competition for our full raid roster.

By next reset. We will have our ‘soft launch’ schedule in effect and will be participating in mythic+ / raids as we build the rapport needed prior to bfa.

If still Interested in applying?

Contact Lusheng, Mixolydian, Yvonne, Volterra

And you can reach us on #protigy2798 #turiel 2999

Or hop on to our discord: https://discord.gg/CC2Nc96

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We are closer to completing our 20 man roster but are in need now of more dps and possibly a tank, all recruitments are listed in the update original post.

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