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[A] Fepix: Ravencrest - 2/11 M - Recruiting for BfA!

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Fepix – Ravencrest

Fepix is currently in the process of transferring from the dead realm of Magtheridon to Ravencrest in the hope of re-establishing ourselves as a late tier cutting edge guild on a more active mythic raiding realm.

About us:

Fepix is a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild, founded and run by a group of friends. Upon release of each raiding Tier, our main aim is to progress mythic as efficiently as possible and to ultimately get Cutting Edge. Although we always seek to progress content at a reasonable pace and constantly develop as players, we like to maintain a light-heartedness and friendly atmosphere within our community. As a guild, we are always happy to assist our community in gearing as well as to help provide them an opportunity to progress into content they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Weekly Events:

Progression Raiding: (TBD - Currently : 20:00-23:00 realm time Friday, Sunday and Monday)
These events are mandatory for all raiders. All raiders and trials are expected to turn up to 85% of raids. We appreciate real life commitments are important however, so it is greatly appreciated for raiders to alert officers beforehand if they are unable to make a raid, so that we can update the roster for the night as appropriate. Simply not showing up one night without any prior warning will likely see you introduced to our wooden friend - the bench.

Guild Mythic keystones:
Throughout the week, there will be multiple people offering to do or help with pushing keys or simply doing a weekly chest key, it will be easy to find a group and have a laugh! However, we do have several members that are willing to push keys as high as we can get. Mythic keystones are very popular within our community so you’ll be able to find more casual and serious groups.

Becoming a Raider: Aspiring raiders should meet the following requirements:

Reliability – To maintain a regular raid spot you will need to have high attendance (85%) to raids, to arrive promptly at raid time (to be clearing trash by 8:00) and should something come up that would stop you attending, to let an officer know ideally at least 2 hours prior of raid time, although we are aware that important events can pop up minutes before raid time, which is absolutely fine as long as this is not a regular occurrence!

Adaptability – Show the ability to know what went wrong and to learn from mistakes, made by yourself and others. Also, showing a bit of initiative in encounters, if you see a soak being missed or a CC’er has died and you can take his place, making that small play will go along way to not only  help the success of a raid, but show your skill as a player!

A sense of humour – This will get you far within Fepix as we frequently engage in some hardcore banter, which to some could be perceived as offensive. You need to be able to not take this to heart as this is purely meant in jest and not in offence!

An off spec or a geared alt – Although this isn't necessary, it would be useful if you have an alternate character or spec that is ready to go, should specific encounter cater better to those certain specs. As stated, this is absolutely not necessary, but it is favourable.

Logs – We would like to see some evidence of performance before we start your formal trial, this ideally should take the form of a log from ideally heroic or mythic difficulty, although a normal log will be acceptable, coupled with a brief description of what role you performed in the fight mechanically.

Required Addons:

We require our raider to have the following addons:
•    Exorses Raid tools
•    RCLootcouncil
•    A Bossmods addon (Bigwigs or DBM)
•    WeakAuras2

Application Process:

We are currently looking for, ideally, accomplished raiders looking for a greater challenge with the drive to push through the entire expansion or new players with the will to learn and become the best they can be while playing in an organised environment.
A link to a Google Forms Document is present in the Application Form Channel of our Discord, or using the Link below. Please follow this link and complete the form. Once this has been completed, please post a message into the application posts channel with your Characters Name that you wrote on the application, so we know which application relates to who!

You can find our discord at:

Application Form:

Recruitment Priority:

We are hoping to bolster our raid team in preparation for BFA where we will push for as many cutting edge achievements as possible!

If you have any questions check the FAQ in our discord server, feel free to contact myself or an officer in discord or add our GM’s battletag, Keadon#2260.

We look forward to meeting you!

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