[EU-Stormscale][H] Lethal Instinct 10/14 HC Recruiting for SoO and Myth.

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First of all welcome and thanks for watching this post.

We are a brand new 10 man Semi-Hardcore guild formed @ Stormscale EU (horde).

Our guild is not (all brand new) We have been around as friend's for about 5 year's

WOTLK : 10 hc <Overload> @ Burning blade . World rank 60.
CATA : 10 hc <Awakening of Chaos> @ Twisting Nether. World rank 88.
SoO : 25 hc <RipSpawn> @ Stormscale world rank 222.

We decide to stop 25 man raiding and start our own guild again to push atleast
Top 100 again on 10 man.

Therefore we need some new dedicated players for our 10 man core.

Recruiting the following classes:

Druid: Resto / gaurdian / Boomkin.
Shaman: Enh / Resto.
Priest: Disc / Holy.
Hunter: BM / Surv.
Rogue: Sub / Combat.
Paladin: Ret / Protection / Holy.
Warlock: Any spec.
Monk: Brewmaster / Windwalker.
Warrior: Protection / Arms / Fury.

For the spec's not mentioned feel free to apply aswell (exceptional players are always welcome).

Aim's with our new guild:

To clear 14/14 hc ASAP.
To focus on PTR for new expansion when it goes live on ptr.
To go hardcore on warlords of dreanor 20 man.

NOTE: we might go ally on the new expansion! 

What we ask from you as player:

Ilvl : 555 atleast,  (must have legendary cloak atleast)
Progress: 8/14 HC minimum.
You have a working mic.
You got stable connection on Stormscale EU. (test with alt your ms before apply)
You are mature and can raid our days and time's.
You take your time to make a decent apply on our forum.
(We dont want dramaqueens and players that cry for loot)

Raid days and time's:

Days : Wed / Thur / Mon / Teu.
Time: 19:30 till 23:30.

Note: we will go 1 day raiding after progress is done,
and when ptr is up we will go progress on there so we don't lack 
tactics when game goes LIVE.

Apply : 

Info in game: 
Whisper: Dentixs / Krundez / Sophrosyné / Tzzu in game @ stormscale EU horde.

All application's will been taken serious and answered within 24 hours.

Guild history guild movie's:

Lichking 10 hc : realm 2.

Will of the Emperor 10 hc : Realm 2.

Grand Empress 10 hc : Realm 3.

We have way more movie's but this is just an example of our raid style.

Good luck with your apply on our forum. And we hope that we can give you a spot soon. Edited by dentixs

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Please, get the thread title right (edit your post then use the Full Editor to edit the title).

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