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[Argent Dawn][H]<Ways and Means> New Casual Raiding Guild

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Ways and Means is a brand new casual raiding guild playing Horde on Argent Dawn. We’re a mature guild founded in the UK. The majority of our members are people with families which is reflected in the guild atmosphere and the way we treat each other. Our members have varying levels of experience and interests in the game. Some with years of raiding under their belt and others who prefer different aspects of the game.

In our raids we are aiming to clear normal and heroic difficulty in our own time. In addition to raiding we will be continuing the success that was Mythic+ into Battle for Azeroth and run them alongside our raiding efforts. Most of us have alts we like to do other activities on and are happy to accept your alts into the guild if your main is here too.

Ways and Means is a home for veteran players and people who are new to the game alike. We offer a place where players can learn and experience different aspects of the game within a friendly atmosphere. What matters to us is that we’re a good fit for each other.

Our raids will takes place 2/3 times a week where we'll focus on clearing heroic difficulty after normal has been cleared. As we are a casual guild we don’t take ourselves too seriously and know that wipes will happen, but we still want to maintain focus during progression. We don’t do name-calling, nor do we give up when a boss seems to be more stubborn than we like. Eventually they will fall, so we might as well have fun in the process.

Our raid times are:
- Wednesday: 21:00 - 23:00
- Friday 21:00 - 00:00
- Saturday: 21:00 - 00:00

We are currently recruiting for Battle for Azeroth and beyond. We would love to welcome new members as we aim to establish the guild and raid team for years to come, clearing normal / heroic difficulty, completing M+'s and other activities.

How to contact us
If you are interested in joining us please leave an application on our forum:

For further enquiries contact me at Spirit#21564

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