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[Zul’jin][H]<Resurgence>10/11M LF DPS & Heals!

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[H][Zul’jin] <Resurgence> is looking for new players for M Argus progression and BFA. We are a close-knit guild that not only raids, but also does M+ together. Our current progression is 10/11M with our best pull being 43% (P3). In Legion, we've gone 7/7 M EN, 2/3 M ToV, 8/10 M NH, and 7/9 M ToS. We aren’t looking for raiders that are just looking for those that forego mechanics for the parse, but those that excel at mechanics while maintaining good DPS.

When we are not raiding, we normally do keystones together. We don’t just do a 15 and stop, many of us push higher keys and have scores over 3k. We also have an active discord server. If you are looking for a community that is working towards a common goal of killing raid bosses, then <Resurgence> is the right place for you!

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursdays 8:30pm-11:30pm EST

Saturday Heroic (optional, main/alt mix) 8pm-end EST


Our wowprogress page:



Currently seeking:

1-2 melee (All, excluding Retribution Paladins)

1-2 ranged (Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Ele Sham w/ Resto OS)

*We will not turn you away if your class is not listed, please send us a link to your logs for consideration!


If you would like more info on <Resurgence> or are interested in a trial, please contact:

Pain Bnet (painmaster#1657) / Discord (Pain#7356) - Guild Master/ Raid Lead

Mithara Bnet (ShinyPants#13830) / Discord Mithara#8951 - Recruiter

Yatzii Bnet (Manda#1308) / Discord Yatzii:game_die:#3958 - Recruiter


Or check out our website to apply:



Thank you for considering <Resurgence>

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