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<Sacred Grove> is recruiting for BFA

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<Sacred Grove> is Recruiting

  • Guild: <Sacred Grove>
  • Realm: Steamwheedle Cartel <RP> (plus Sentinels and Kirin Tor)
  • Faction: The one that understands the principles of masonry
  • Guild Website: http://sacredgrove.wowlaunch.com

Relevant Tags

  • Social Guild
  • Community Guild
  • Raiding
  • Awesome

Obligatory Shameless Advertisement

The Legion stands defeated, Azeroth is victorious, but lest we get complacent the drums of war sound once again. I’m sure you know what that means. That's right, you guessed it. We’re looking to fill out the remainder of the orchestra. No self-respecting faction can manage a real war effort with just percussion. So here we are looking for some great woodwinds, brass, and maybe even a damn cellist. You have our apologies in advance that the position of vocalist is indeed filled and she likes to sing about her cats. That said, let me tell you why you should come play with us.

A legacy of success

<Sacred Grove> is a well-established guild that has been around since the end of Cataclysm. Expansions may come and go but we’re still here. Perhaps more importantly most of us remember a time when the idea of a flying mount was a novel concept. We like to think that makes us cool… though in reality, it might just make us old. YOU DECIDE!

We’re an equal opportunity employer

<Sacred Grove> is a place where people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientations and so on can come together and make connections. You can also socialize, participate in activities, and share in the collective enjoyment of the World of Warcraft. Wherever you’re from, whatever you believe, you deserve a judgment-free, fun, in-game experience. This is a core value and one we take very seriously. If this is important to you we want <Sacred Grove> to be your home.

Working in Concert

We raid. It's our favorite. That said, raiding is a team effort. Everyone’s got a role to play and we expect them to play it well. Be knowledgeable, prepared, and ready to help support your team.

Our current raid schedule is as follows

Tuesday / Thursday - 8 PM - 11 PM Eastern Time

Our goal with each raid that comes out is to clear Normal, clear Heroic with AotC, and then complete the achievements for the raid.  Especially if there are mounts involved! We then like to have a recess of two weeks prior to the next raid coming out.

Additionally, while we do enjoy running dungeons together, individual challenges, transmog runs, and PvP these are considered “Informal” because these are done without a set schedule and can be thrown together by anyone at any time.

Immediate Needs

DPS - Do you like to murder monsters indiscriminately with knives, swords, bows, magic, or wrenches? Well, you don’t have to limit yourself to the ballroom, conservatory, kitchen, or dining room anymore. Nope. Join <Sacred Grove> and meet new people, travel to exotic locations, and stash their bodies in some deep dungeon. You might even get 46 gold on a bonus roll.

A Lonely Healer - Do you like to play the manage the green bars minigame? Do you enjoy the challenge that is finding where the aforementioned DPS have wandered off to die? Well, you’re in luck. Join <Sacred Grove> and help our team of excellent healers deliver our new seminar entitled “Healer range is a thing… and how it affects you.”.

But that's not all…

While those are our immediate needs there is still plenty of room in the raid roster. If this sounds up your alley stop by our website and fill out an application. Additionally, if you need more information or have questions please contact one of our officers:

  • Sophiar / Sophiar#1437
  • Amorak / Amorak#1396
  • Jyoon / JyoonSMASH#1788

Thank you for your interest!

PS – if you found us because you simply typed awesome into your search bar you totally get extra points.

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This morning's delightful recruitment post brought to you by

The Warsong Lumber Co. - Providing the highest quality lumber and other building materials since The Third War. Remember, at Warsong Lumber we don't just work. We Work, Work.

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This message brought to you by

Gnome O's - The ONLY breakfast cereal filled with real cogs and washers. Part of a balanced breakfast and an excellent source of iron and other minerals

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This message brought to you by

Alterac Ice Cream - The ONLY frozen treats worth fighting eight or more hours over. Queue up today for delightful desserts like Stormpike Surprise, The Galvanger Avalanche, and of course the Drek'Thar Sundae Supreme.

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This mornings recruitment bump brought to you by

Abercrombie's - Build a Bom Workshop

Visit us in historic Duskwood and play your way! Pick your parts, accessories, and stitch them together for an abominably good time. We guarantee It's the most fun you'll ever have terrorizing erm... I mean making a friend.

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