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[US-Proudmoore][A] Wrath of Athena looking for DPS for T14 onwards...

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G'day.  <Wrath of Athena>, a 25 Alliance guild on Proudmoore, is looking for a few more DPS players to join us on the raid team.  Unlike the huge pile of 7/14H SoO guilds, we are hitting Heart of Fear, and will be progressing through heroic (10 player) modes in T14, Throne of Thunder, and finally moving on to Flex, normal and maybe even heroic Siege of Orgrimmar content.


Our members have a range of experience, from former top-500 guild progression raiders, through to folks just starting to set foot in normal modes.  This is a chance to learn, to build a team, and to aim to clear content from MoP -- then move on with us to clearing content as it opens in WoD next year.


We run three times a week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6PM to 9PM server time.  Just to repeat: those are *Pacific Standard Time*, like in Oregon and California, so later for East Coast folks, and inconveniently located for Australians. wink.png


We look for pretty consistent attendance, but we want to recruit to the point that everyone can have a night off now and then without having to cancel the raid for everyone else.  Once we get to SoO, flex runs are open to everyone who fits from the team any alternates; WoD everything save mythic (if we get there at all) is open to anywhere from 10 to 25 people.


We have one raid team, but if we get enough people, two teams up to flex, or 25s would be cool ... but, honestly, I don't expect to get either of those up and running for quite some time.


We don't have a website, forums, or anything fancy-pants like that yet, but we do have a vent server for use during raids.  


We are mostly looking for DPS players; we have Monk and Paladin mostly covered, and a Warrior, so while we won't turn down those classes they are more likely to be asked to sit out the night.  A Shaman, Mage, and Warlock would be awesome to add -- but we look for the player, not the toon, as much as possible.


If you have a tank or healing off-spec and would like to use it sometimes, we are open to having you fill in when our main tanks and healers are unavailable.  Expect mostly to be DPS, though, at this stage.


In terms of you, please either have, or be willing to get:

commit to the team: show up, reliably, on time

be in this for the team: take a reasonable approach to everyone having fun, and getting better, without shouting, insults, or sulking because you didn't win that bit of gear

be willing to learn, study, or get better one way or another -- personal progress matters to you

have a reasonable gear level (496 or so)

be gemmed, enchanted and reforged reasonably

have a reasonable understanding of your class and role (eg: at least read icy-veins guides)


In terms of us:

we cover repairs in-guild

plenty of folks happy to help with gearing, reforging, strategy, etc-

friendly guild with other activities, and space for your alts (if you wish)

relaxed attitude to raid lockouts, etc, as far as possible

as long as you work with us and try to improve, we will work with you to help you


How to apply:

Contact me in-game -- I am around most nights in the 6PM to midnight.  You can also ask other guild members about the team.  Alternately, drop a note here and I will try and keep an eye out for you in-game.  (You can also add me as a battletag friend and hassle me while I am on an alt if you want: SlippyCheeze#1981


I am more than happy to answer any questions you have in-game, and will chat about your background and interests before we confirm an LFR run together.  That gives us both a chance to see how the other performs (and to capture logs), so that I have an idea how you perform in practice.  Which LFR is up for negotiation, so you can ask for something you are confident about. wink.png

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