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Void elf racial

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Im just looking for advice about the the racial bonuses. Im currently Night Elf but Void Elfs entropic embrace seems really strong. I play MM and it seems especially strong if you can stack it with trueshot. Is it really as much difference as it seems like there is? 

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You can take a look at the MM racial simulations on Icy Veins Here. Humans are on top and they have been for all of legion. Their racial, The Human Spirit, boosts all secondary stats by 2%. Secondary stats have often been worth more than twice our primary stat. 

I recommend waiting until 8.0 and/or BFA launches. With the item level squish and re-balancing of our spells and stats the racial simulations will look very different. 

My prediction is that Pandaren will be near the top. I've heard that with the re-balancing our primary stat and the primary stat of every other class with be king.  Thus, Pandaren's Epicurean racial (double stats from well fed) will be quite good. 

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