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Forum warnings, sanctions and bans

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We hope that everyone will behave themselves when posting on these forums, applying common sense and good manners. To make sure that the posts you are making are safe, please read our general posting rules.

Failure to respect these rules will result in the following actions. Note that these actions are not set in stone and we may always choose a different route.

  • Posts found in violation of our rules will be deleted. We will not engage in editing people's posts to have them suit our rules.
  • Users who commit minor violations (such as light spamming, posting of meaningless replies or light insults) will receive a warning.
  • Users who commit major violations or commit violations repeatedly and unrepentantly will receive warning points.
  • Users who commit extreme and deliberate violations (posting pornographic videos, making racist insults etc.) and users who acquire a large number of warning points will be suspended from posting for 3 to 7 days.
  • Users who, following a suspension, continue their abusive behaviour, as well as users who prove themselves to contribute nothing to our forums and instead simply pollute them will be permanently banned.

The following actions do not constitute violations that will lead to sanctions (unless repeated excessively), but will most likely result in the post being deleted:

  • Posting in barely intelligible English.
  • Posting in the wrong section.
  • Asking for help while providing minimal or no details.
  • Double posting.
  • Posting blatantly off-topic.
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