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Heroes of the Storm - Your Momma's Joke

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yo mama so fat she soak's all 3 lane's

yo mama so dumb when get's blinded she calls out for her dog

your mama so dumb when she gets slowed she loses brain cells

yo mama so dumb when she stun's people she think's she's fabulous 

yo mama so poor she doesn't turn in dubloons

yo mama so poor she try's to steal the butcher's meat

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Your momma's so fat they had to remove her collision so her allies could leave the Hall of Storms when the match started.

Your momma's so fat Malthael cast Last RitesLast Rites on her and the server exploded.

Your momma's so ugly Diablo's terrified of her.

Your momma's so fat Solarion snapped in half.

Your momma's so fat Eternal FeastEternal Feast only hits once.

Your momma's so fat she stuns the Summon UltraliskSummon Ultralisk.

Your momma's so fat Ragnaros can channel Molten CoreMolten Core on her.


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Yo mamma is so fat that when Imperius lands her with Wrath of the Angiris, it deals the same damage as a nuke.

Yo mamma is so fat that Grav-O-Bomb 3000Grav-O-Bomb 3000Graviton SurgeGraviton Surge and Graviton VortexGraviton Vortex don't work properly when she is the match due her gravitational interference.

Yo mamma is so fat that Shadow ChargeShadow Charge and Detainment StrikeDetainment Strike can use her as a wall.

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