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[H][US][Stormreaver] <Olive Guardians> [WED/THUR 8:00-11:00pm EST] - Progression Guild LF DPS for BFA!

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Olive Guardians [Stormreaver – Horde] is currently recruiting members for progression raiding heading into BFA! We are a recently formed guild with members that have been playing together as early as MoP and enjoy mythic raiding. Our members did mythic progression together in MoP and separately in the later stages of Legion, but have now reconvened for BFA. The current plan is to raid Wed/Thur from 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST, and have a Sunday for other guild activities (pvp/warfronts/alt runs/other games/etc.) times TBD.

We have always kept a friendly atmosphere in the guild through an active discord, active guild chat, and by running other content in WoW (in Legion for example: mythic+,kharazan,world quests,etc.) Raids are always ran with a positive attitude and the intent of having a pleasant time, while focusing for boss encounters to efficiently clear content in a timely manner.

The expectations for our raiders are simple: come in prepared for raid time in order to make the best use of it. This means:

  • Logging on 10-15 minutes before raid (if possible)

  • Having flasks, food, and pots ready (at least early on, once professions pick up the guild will provide.)

  • Knowing the fights and your class

We have a core group of about 11 raiders, and would like to expand our current roster for eventual heroic and mythic progression in BFA. As it stands we are looking to fill out our eventual core roster, but any interested players are definitely welcome. New recruits will have a 1 week trial period, just to see if everything meshes well!

Currently we are looking for:

  • DPS (any class)

  • Healer(pref paladin/priest)

If you are interested please message me here (or on discord: Ohta#5477) with what you plan to play and your WoW experience. We would prefer players with some raiding experience, but any motivated players will be considered!

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