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[Argent Dawn][A] <The Blood of Heroes> (3/11M) Mythic Raiders Wanted!

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<The Blood of Heroes> EU Mythic Raiding Guild


Raid Days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday @ 20:00 till 23:00


What we need for our roster: individuals with good spatial awareness and team players. No primadonnas!


What we also need: DPS WARRIOR, MONK, PRIEST and WARLOCK


Our family welcomes your friends so tell them about us! That’s as far as our social policy goes. We’re not a social guild but we’re not antisocial either.


You can find me here, on Discord @Aakasha#1831 or online @Aakasha on Argent Dawn. You can ask for other officers to talk to, however, I’m the cutest so it’s your loss.


To make it a bit less tedious for you guys, I’ve added a template at the end of the post.


Chat with you soon!



Character Name, Class, Specialisation and Realm:


Your Real Life Age and Location:


Raid Night Availability:


Past Experience and any Achievements you would like to share:

(you can link your logs and progress here for M+ and raiding)


In a future raid with us we have to choose between you and another player to sit out. Eventually we decide that the other gentleman is more suitable. What do you do?


Before being invited to trial with the Blood of Heroes, are you willing to be interviewed on Blizzard’s Voice Chat? Using voice chat is mandatory for our raiders.


Last Thing! Do you have anything you wish to ask? Write it here so we can talk about it!

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