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[ARGENT DAWN][A] <The Salt Company> are recruiting

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<The Salt Company> - Argent Dawn EU - Alliance
We are looking to expand our raid team for Heroic progression and M+ with like-minded and dedicated raiders. Socials are also welcome.

Currently looking for Arms Warrior, Balance Druid, Restoration Druid, Mage (any spec), Warlock (any spec), Beast Mastery/Marksmanship Hunter, Windwalker Monk

Raid Times/Days
Wednesday/Thursday 8pm server time to 10pm server time. Raid days may possibly change in the future as the guild is undergoing some small changes (more on that below). Possible raid days in the future are Monday/Wednesday.

Our goal for raiding is to have runs as smooth as possible and to always achieve Ahead of the Curve for the current raid tier while keeping a friendly and chill atmosphere.

-Know your class, keep up with any changes to your spec and keep your stats optimised
-Always be gemmed/enchanted and have a personal stash of food, flasks and pre-pots (we do try to have feasts and cauldrons available)
-be reliable and able to attend most raids

A Bit About Us
Our guild was formed a few weeks before Battle for Azeroth released after I and many of the raiders lost faith in the leadership of our previous guild towards the end of Legion. This guild was created with the same vision in mind that our previous guild originally had: A group of people looking to form friendships, have a laugh and to push and enjoy the end game content without going too hardcore.

Some Changes
If you are interested joining our little team you should know that the guild is currently undergoing some small changes. Our progress through Uldir is far behind where I wanted it to be by this point.

We lost many of our core team a couple of weeks into BFA due to RL commitments etc that left us crippled and some of those that did stick around didn't seem to be putting in much effort for raiding. As such the core team have become understandably fed up so from now on things are going to be stricter when it comes to raiding and recruitment. We're by no means becoming a hardcore guild or elitist, we simply no longer want to feel like we're wasting our time with people that won't put in the effort.

Contact myself or our recruitment officer via BNET

or jump into the Discord server, read the welcome channel and drop a message into the recruitment channel. Note that you will be able to read, but not chat in any of the other channels until you are in the guild proper.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/zSshSP5

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