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[Laughing Skull][H] <Stands in Fire> is recruiting raiders for Mythic

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Stands in Fire is a mixed group of veteran wow players looking to casually raid mythic in BFA
Our members have raided since WOTLK, a few before that and some just started recently in Legion. 
Most of us raided mythic towards the beginning of Legion in the Alliance Guild Raze-Alonsus up until the release of ToS
Since then Many of us took a break from WoW and have just been playing other games or casually doing Argus content, leveling alts, pugging Antorus etc while in anticipation for BFA. 

With BFA coming out we are forming a group once again on Horde with many of the players we raided with in Draenor.
We are looking for a few more dps and healers of any class/spec as our members are quite flexible and ready to play what is needed to balance out our raid composition.

We are looking for motivated players who are willing to do their research and put in the required time to stay up to par with Mythic content, however we won't be pushing for any serious rankings in the first raid tier. 

We're an english speaking guild of South Africans, Serbs and Norwegians. 
We raid 2 nights a week probably wednesday/thurs 7pm to 10pm Server Time.
If you're looking for a decent mythic Guild not looking to take ourselves too seriously and talk some bullshit we're the guild for you!
Connected Realms to Laughing Skull: EU Ahn'Qiraj, EU Balnazzar, EU Boulderfist, EU Chromaggus, EU Daggerspine, EU Shattered Halls, EU Sunstrider, EU Talnivarr, EU Trollbane.

You can drop me a message at Terra#2339 or email me at dbowden72@gmail.com

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