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War of Thorns Chapter 1 Is Now Live (for NA)

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The pre-expansion event is underway and the War of Thorns has begun (on NA servers at least)! Blizzard have a little intro and a trailer for this first part of the event, with the Horde advancing into Ashenvale and going for the World Tree and Sylvanas facing off against Malfurion!

You can also check out our two guides for the event, for the Horde and Alliance perspectives.

Blizzard LogoWar of Thorns (source)

The discovery of Azerite—a new and powerful resource—has the potential to change the very face of warfare on Azeroth. As warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner is willing to do whatever she deems necessary to secure it and keep it out of the hands of her enemies—even if it means venturing into Darnassus to root the Alliance out of Kalimdor once and for all.

For the Alliance, the threat the Horde poses is undeniable. King Anduin Wrynn has heard from his spies in Orgrimmar that the Horde has begun to mobilize an army into Silithus . . . but he quickly learns it’s a feint by the Horde to draw away the Alliance’s defenders. Will you be too late to protect the innocent in the Horde’s path as they march toward the great tree Teldrassil?

War of the Thorns: Chapter 1 Now Available!

Who: Level 110 players
Where: Begins in Stormwind for Alliance and Undercity for Horde
Rewards: Gold, Reputation, New Items from limited time World Quests, Faction Pride

This chapter is a part of a limited time event leading up to the launch of Battle for Azeroth.

There are two sides to every story. Get a taste of the tension and drama that unfolds in our preview of the Battle for Azeroth novellas: Elegy by Christie Golden and A Good War by Robert Brooks, available in a limited-edition hardback as part of the Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

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23 minutes ago, Starym said:

Those damn weekly resets!

Dated tech I assume. Overwatch just got Wrecking Ball at the same time as US, but we still have to wait until weekly maintenances for WoW and HotS updates.

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11 minutes ago, Liistrad said:

The link for the Horde POV shows the alliance one again, I think this is the right one: 


Thanks @Liistrad! Fixed it.

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All hail the banshee queen.  Only she can deliver us from the Old ones.  Only the dead can resist the whispers.  All must die, to save Azeroth.

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*Malfurion creates a wall of wisps*

Sylvannas: Curses! we need to find a way through that wall...

My character, once again completely confused: Dude... just fly over it. Look, I'll show you. *mounts, flys over, tickles Malfurion, he goes Tee Hee, flys back over* see?

Slyvannas: hmm... We'll have to use Goblin explosives to create an opening.


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18 minutes ago, Hedonismbot said:

We did this Quest last night on Alliance and it seems like the most uneventful waste of time. The end result was some gold. Such a non-even waste of time.

...and dailies for 210 gear for alts / way-behind mains, xmog if you needed it...  I do miss the pet!  Poor felbat pup I have like 25 of you on my alt.

Minus the 'any level can participate' stuff from legion, and the 'it goes all the time on a ramping schedule', its not really that different.  

I didnt personally get any gear at all for my main from legion event.  Just something to pass the time, few rewards, backstory...  thats all.  

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Imo kinda lazy that WQ rewards in Darkshore are same model as garrison/trial/boosted char gear. You can get that at any moment...

Eh guess thats were Blizz use their time in artist team after no need to create new tier sets

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And you can do this "quest line" on all your alts, waste a bit of an evening..............


EDIT: Oh, you can skip it all................... YAY!!!

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