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[Question] May you have a look at my Frost Mage

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Hey guys,


I have some questions. Sice 5.2 I´ve been playing frost. I feel confident while playing my mage, damage and DPS seems to be good, but I´ve got the feeling that there is more to " squeeze " out smile.png

DPS Raid: About 220K up to 240K

DPS dummy in Stormwind: 160K up to 170K unbuffed


First of all, I red that you shouldn´t have more than 50% haste ( raidbuffed ). Is that true? Currently I´m having about 49,5% haste raidbuffed. Or ist that way to much ? biggrin.png

Stats priority looks like this for me:

Haste ( up to 50% raidbuffed ) > Int > Mastery > Crit .... should I change anything?


Equip, enchantments, gems:



Yeah, i know, combat logs are great, but let´s do it step by step. Combat logs will come on wednesday, have to figure out how it works ^^

First have a look on equip, gems etc...


Tanks to all of you who are helping me smile.png



( Sorry, my english is not the best, but I hope it´s ok  smile.png )

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I just have to say, I find your talent choices to be...strange, for frost mage raiding. Frost Bomb is only advised if you are spending the majority of a fight fighting 6+ enemies stacked together. Knowing which bomb to use on which fight will get you a bit more dps, if you play it correctly. Presence of Mind isn't really worth it for Frost, you are better off with Ice Floes or Blazing Speed, as they make movement easier. Cold Snap has it's uses, but generally speaking, Greater Invisibility is the recommended talent, though that is purely survivability, which has little impact on your dps. Technically, Temporal Shield is better than Ice Barrier from a DPS standpoint, because it is off the global cooldown. Unfortunately, changing all those will only make a small difference, if any. If you really want to eke out more numbers, it's all going to come down to your playstyle.

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Frost Bomb is only advised if you are spending the majority of a fight fighting 6+ enemies stacked together. Knowing which bomb to use on which fight will get you a bit more dps, if you play it correctly.

Well, armory seems not to be updated ^^ Switched from Living Bomb to Frost Bomb for one encounter yesterday. Usually I´m using Living Bomb.

Went from Presence Mind to Ice Floes. Think thats a good idea.

Thanks for the help smile.png

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Ich spreche Deutsch nur wenig. Sie nicht brauchen zu 50% Tempo überschreiten. Aber Sie können.
Können Sie WoL Parses zeigen? Ich werde analysieren und versuchen, Ihnen zu helfen.



Akraen, please note that the posting language on these forums is English only. If you want to give advices in other languages, contact to the recipient in PM, please.

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That's actually a rule? Heh, okay. My attempt to be helpful went too far.


Just asking him to post logs. Can't help him because his armory looks fine. Not perfect, but near perfect, so a lack of DPS must be coming from something he's doing (or not doing).


@OP: If you prefer to discuss in German, send me a PM.

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