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[H][EU][Draenor]Raiding guild LF Legends

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Hello there guys! Are you searching for a friendly, laid-back raiding guild for BFA? Then we may very well be the guild for you!

Kill U TakeYourThings is an active, willing-to-help, Heroic raiding guild.

Currently, we are trying to build a friendly and likeminded group of players. At our core, we are a group of people that don’t necessarily want the game to take over our lives, yet we still want to achieve something. At short, We need people who know there class inside and out and are willing to put the work in. Even know we have alot of banter we still want things done e.g clearing raids and pushing ourselves, If you feel like you can put and good numbers dodge the bad stuff whilst having a laugh then what are you waiting for message me.

|Raid Times|

Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Server time. Friday 20:00-23:00 Server time. (optional Fun-Run). Sunday 20:00-23:00 Server time.

  • Who are we recruiting? -

We believe that recruiting the right player over the right class is the better option for our small community. Which means we will take any class into consideration, though at the moment, we are very much looking for…

Shadow priest, Holy Paladin, Balance Druid and committed tanks.

  • How to contact us. -

Add us on battletag! I highly encourge you to contact one of the officers of our guild! We are friendly and do not bite:


We will, however, be monitoring this thread and any replies will be seen and responded to.

Thank you very much for reading and we hope to add you to our ranks and get a great start in the Battle for Azeroth!

Yours Truly, Your future friends at Kill U TakeYourThings.

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