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[H][US][Dragonblight/Fenris]<Mythic Mischief> 11/11H is looking to add to its core raid team

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<Mythic Mischief> is a semi-hardcore mythic pushing guild looking to add members to its core raid team for BFA. We raid on Sun,Mon, and Tues 6PM-9PM server time (PST).

We are currently seeking the following classes Priest(shadow), Hunter (ranged), Warlock, Rogue, and boomkin but are open to any active players who are interested in a very active and successful guild. 

What we expect from our raid team members:

-Playing wow is not a job. But you are making a commitment to 20 other people that you will be there.
-Raiders need to keep above 90% attendance to stay on the team (Not missing more than 2 raid days in a month) (Also means staying for whole night and being on time)
-You will need to be on discord 10 mins before raid start time and stay for the entire raid
-Have watched the fights (Fatboss or SignsOfKelani are both good) 
-Have a working mic
-Have Flask, Health / Mana Pots, Food, Runes and Reroll Tokens you need before zoning in (whatever is not being supplied by the guild)

If you do not wish to push progression but are still looking for an active guild we would love to have you. 

If you are interested send a friend request to the following battle tags Hydrasback#1511 or Greyskull#1924
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Updated classes needed

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