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Zappyboi is the latest WoW sensation and meme material created by Blizzard. Terran Gregory revealed his true name a few days ago, but we recently got more information about him from Community Manager Ythisens.

We learned that nobody at Blizzard expected the Zappyboi thing to become so big and the Saurfang cinematic was being created before we saw the Battle for Lordaeron cinematic.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Did you all write the script after Zappyboi became a beloved meme? Or was this just a hilariously awesome coincidence?

I won't tell you who said it internally but someone in leadership at some point did say "Let the Zappi boi memes flow"

I think they've said they do things like a year or two in advance for the expansions, so I think it's just a glorious coincidence.

Who knows, though. Their cinematics department could be getting so good at this, they don't need a ton of time anymore to put these together allowing them to capitalize on audience reaction. /shrug

Either way, this cinematic was amazing. I hope this puts a lot of horde players' minds at ease after the Sylvanas video. Blizzard has more in store for us.

So for a serious answer, no. I don't think anyone expected the Zappi Boi thing. In fact when we told people that Zappi Boi posts were the new hotness right after the announcement they were a little confused, "Zappi what?, really?, alright then why not?" I believe was the first response. Nobody expected him to be named that's for sure. 

This game has had so many weird memed things before we even used "meme" as a word in this way, so nobody didn't not get it at least. As for the timeline, yes the Saurfang cinematic was being created before you guys ever saw the Battle for Lordaeron cinematic, so we truly had no way to predict it. Just luck? If you want to call it that.


Zekhan "Zappyboi" is a name given to a Troll Shaman that first appeared in the Battle for Lordaeron trailer promoting Battle for Azeroth. Some thought he got killed by Anduin, but that was apparently a different character. His father Hekazi fought with Saurfang in the Third War.


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I hope we get to see him in game.

plus, as a Shaman main, I hope he has a special interaction with us (being the Farseer and all), for both the Horde and the Alliance

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3 hours ago, Stan said:

Just luck? If you want to call it that.

This is not luck, this is Blizzard marketing people getting OP by now, using all the tools they have to create characters which will conquer a maximum of fans when they need to. Won't be surprized if they use algorithms to do so.

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1 hour ago, Slaith said:

Just luck? If you want to call it that.

What he means is, it's good writing.  They made a cool character do a cool thing and later used that character in a well-written cinematic.  It's not really on purpose, but it's not an accident.  It's the result of talented writers and developers making content that's awesome.  This is what it looks like when writing is good.

1 hour ago, Slaith said:

This is not luck, this is Blizzard marketing people getting OP by now, using all the tools they have to create characters which will conquer a maximum of fans when they need to. Won't be surprized if they use algorithms to do so.

Marketing departments are usually about publicity after-the-fact: ads, trailer schedules, etc.  But you can be 100% sure there is a large, important team dedicated to making sure they maximize the appeal of their content - and they surely use data to do so.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  The product is improved by their work.

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