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[H][US][Zul’jin]<Legion of Dakka> is Recruiting for BfA! (Late Night Guild)

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[H][US]<Legion of Dakka> is recruiting! (8/8N, 3/8H Uldir)

We are a small group of friends who moved here from an overwhelmingly Alliance server at the end of Legion to attempt to find more fertile grounds on the lush Horde-minded shores of Zul’jin-US. We are a small group of friendly, mature people looking to make new friends and have a great time moving forward into the expansion and beyond!

Although we will have a focus on raiding and M+s, we are welcoming to anyone who wishes to join us and just wants to have a good group of people to chat with while doing all manner of activities in-game.


  • Server: Zul’jin [Server Time: EST/GMT -5]
  • Region: US
  • Faction: Horde
  • Raid Times/Dates: Tuesday/Saturday, 10pm-1am EST
  • Current Expansion Progression: 8/8N, 3/8H Uldir
  • WoWProgress: <Legion of Dakka> on WoWProgress
  • Raider.io: <Legion of Dakka> on Raider.io
  • Guilded.gg: <Legion of Dakka> applicaion on Guilded.gg
  • Voice Program: Discord (speaking is not required, but we would love to hear you chat!)
  • Recruiting: Currently we are looking for an extra Healer to add to our roster, as well as more DPS for raiding. We are currently not actively looking for more Tanks.


  • Attitude: We are a fairly mellow and laid back guild. At heart, we’re a bunch of geeky folx, and we can get passionate about the things we enjoy, both in and out of game. In a similar vein, we understand that once raiding starts, especially during progression, tempers can tend to run hot. We get it, but we ask that members be respectful of others. While we throw around a heavy amount of sarcasm, playful ribbing, and occasionally crude humor, if someone asks you to stop, respect that.
    • As an aside, there is heavy use of mature and adult language both in guild chat and on Discord. If that is something that would offend you, or you are not of an age where you should be hearing that, then this guild will probably not be for you.
  • Raiding Basics: We ask that new recruits who have an interest in raiding have a basic understanding of the game and its mechanics. While we don’t require you to be a veteran raider, we ask that you understand simple mechanics (eg. Don’t stand in the fire!) and we ask that you use some form of addon to help with raid mechanics (Most of us use DBM and the functionality it provides). We are open to taking new players, but please be able to handle some constructive criticism. Also to reiterate, we require that raiders be on Discord during raid. You don’t need to speak, but as we use Discord for callouts and coordination, we require that you at least listen in.
  • Raid Attendance: We ask that all raiders be on time and in attendance for raids unless real life prevents this. We’re all adults, and we get that things can come up, and real life is always more important than a game. However, we ask that you inform the raid leader or one of the officers if you are going to be missing or late to a raid.

TL;DR: <Legion of Dakka> is a mature, friendly social/raiding guild looking to add to our ranks as we continue into this expansion and beyond! We are open to new, returning, and veteran players looking for a place to settle down and have fun with other like-minded people.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or if you have more questions/concerns/want to debate about why Zekhan (Zappyboi) and Zandalar prove that Trolls are, in fact, the best race, feel free to contact myself in-game or you can contact one of the following fine people in our guild:


  • Eämon (Main Recruitment Officer aka the voice of Dakka)
    • Btag: Bigglebee#1922
  • Eldwynn (Secondary Recruitment Officer)
    • Btag: Tikitakk#1215
  • Katlamos (Acting In-Game Guild Leader)
    • Btag: Katlamos#1692
  • Mephet (Co-Guild Leader/Raid Lead)
    • Btag: supremeslay#1225


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Getting some people! Still recruiting for all roles! Casuals/Social folk are welcome as well, so if you're just looking for a place to hang out we're here for that too!

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Finally the start of the raid! While multiple internet technical difficulties hampered our raid (I myself lost connection twice -_-), we managed to get 3 of the bosses on Normal down tonight!

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Been busy, haven't pushed this in a while. We're currently 6/8N as of Saturday, with Tuesday reset getting us back to Mythrax so we can work on progression this coming Saturday.

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