[EU-Al'Akir] [H] Anatomy recruiting for flex/10m raiding

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Hello there!


Anatomy is a fairly new guild on Al'Akir created and owned by Gablag and Jazzman.

The guild is a mature guild with a steady growing number of people where social/fun time is the priority. We downed the first 4 bosses now, and are looking to reinforce our group. We are in need of some casual raiders, who like us don't have the time it takes to be part of a hardcore raiding guild. So if you want to part of something from the very beginning this is certainly the place for you. smile.png

We mainly need DPS and healers. 


Guild stats:

Server: Al'akir.

Owner(s): Jazzman/Gablag

Level: 17

Flex progress: 4/14

Have guild owned TS 3 server.


If this catches your interrest or if you have any questions, then please do PM Jazzman(Jazzic#2945), Gablag(Chahale#2838) or Tyrick ingame. smile.png

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