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[Tichondrius][H]<The Church of RNGesus> DPS and Heals Tu/Wed/Thu 7pm-9pm PST

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<The Church of RNGesus> Recruiting DPS and healers for our raid group and for Mythic+.

About us:

<The Church of RNGesus> was founded during WotLK by a small group of real life friends. We are formerly a 10-man Heroic raiding guild that raided throughout WotLK and went on a hiatus mid-Cataclysm. We returned mid/late WoD, and have since done both Heroic and Mythic raids. 

We are a semi-hardcore guild, and are looking for dedicated members who are able to make majority (if not all) of our scheduled raids or any players interested in joining our Mythics+. Our guild is mostly active at night, anywhere from 6pm PST till about 12am PST (varies). We have a casual-ish atmosphere with a serious desire for progression. 

What we are looking for:

We currently have about 15 raiders and we are looking to recruit more members to join our flexible raid roster so that we may progress into Mythic raids (requires 20). At this moment, we are open to DPS and healers. We are open to both new and returning players. 

As mentioned above, we are also seeking players (any class/spec) that may be interested in joining our Mythics+. We run Mythics+ almost every night. While we prefer a geared player, we value a positive attitude over experience. Any players who are interested and active at the times mentioned above, please contact us. We are also open to players interested in a "filler" type role (can make some raid days but not all).

Additional information and scheduled raids:

Raids: Tues/Wed/Thu from 7:00pm PST till 9:00pm PST 
Voice: Discord

We typically try out new recruits for at least a week or two to ensure that it is a good fit for both the recruit as well as our guild. We encourage trials to join us in raids, dungeons, our VOIP, and/or even in other games. Raid spots are not guaranteed due to the flexible raid roster.


If you are interested in our guild or want to know more, please message/add:

In-game name: Shells-Tichondrius 
B-Net: Shells#11629. 
Discord: Shells#0293

For the horde!

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