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[Area-52][H]<Almost Heroes> 7/8H

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If you are an exceptional player who cannot make the hustle and bustle of a 3, 4, or even 5 night a week guild, then we are the guild for you. Exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current needs.
Mythic 2 Night Raiding | 8 Hour Guild | (Past progression US 42nd for Two Day Guilds)

Almost Heroes - Area 52
(Past progression)
T19 Progression: (US 42nd for 2 Day Raiding Guilds)-7/7M
Current Progression:
-8/9H 10% G’guun
Raid Times: (CST)
Sunday: 9pm-1am
Monday: 9pm-1am
About Almost Heroes: [Formed in December 2015]
When we started raiding in HFC we set a goal for ourselves. That goal was to be sub US 50th for 2 day raiding guilds by the end of T19, we knew that we could make that happen and we finished as the US 42nd 2 Day Guild after crushing Nighthold. The guild decided to take a break during Antorus progress due to our Raid Lead having serious life issues. We’ve returned with the original team for BFA with plans to continue our cutting-edge goal.
Our definition of hardcore raiding is making the most out of our time together. Since we only raid 8 hours each week, it is up to each member to come completely prepared for the fights that we'll be working on. Raiders are expected to be highly self-motivated, and willing to find out the latest theorycraft data on their classes. Raiders should always be pushing themselves to improve with each raid week, and should never be satisfied with their performance.
Raid Leader, as well as many of our members, have experience in various US 100 raiding guilds...With that being said we hold our raiders to a higher standard than that of most guilds that are on a low commitment 2-day raiding schedule; In Almost Heroes our raiders are expected to have exceptional knowledge of the class that they are playing, excellent raid awareness, and an excellent attitude.

Current Roster Needs for Mythic Uldir: (Updated 9/18/18)
Specific Need for: 

  • Balance Druid high need
    Arcane/Frost Mage high need
    Havoc Demon Hunter high need
    Rogue (all specs) moderate need
    Arms Warrior moderate need
    Hunter (BM/MM) moderate need


  • Holy Paladin high need
    Mistweaver Monk high need
    Holy Priest moderate need
    Resto Druid moderate need

All exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of what we're currently recruiting
(Please note, we optimize our roster to near perfection depending on what we may need on X fight. Just because we're recruiting amount of classes, does not mean that we're X short of people on our roster. We're a Mythic raid team and we have enough people to have several absences but still get down progression bosses that night.)
We do not recruit for the bench if your application is accepted it means that we believe that there is a spot that can be earned, unless we mention otherwise on your application.
All applications are handled on our website. When submitted, check back on it often, we'll be asking you questions and will follow up with you through it. Put time and effort on your application, it's our first (and often only) impression of you. Make it count!


Contact Us:
Arcon – Arcon#1815 (Battlenet) Arcon#8375 (Discord) 


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