[H][DRAENOR][EU] Inhuman Rampage - Wed/Sun 8/8 NM 2/8 HC & Push Mythic+ Keys

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Currently Recruiting: Healers and Range DPS. Other roles welcome to apply
Raid days: Wednesday & Sunday. Raid times: 20.30-23:30 Server Time.


We are looking for raiders to help us continue our progression into heroic. Our goal is to achieve curve in every raid tier of the expansion, followed by pushing to get high Mythic+ keys completed each week as a guild. We are guild that strives for the social interaction whether that be from guild chat or discord and have a really active community already so there is always something going on that you can join in on. We encourage our members to create and plan other events should these be achievement or transmog runs which everyone can take part in.

We are also very open to social players that may like to join just for the banter. If you feel that we may be a good fit for you or you a good fit for us then please get in touch by a reply below, contact one of us in game Zarvren#2626 or brave#2376 or even take time and check out our website above and leave an application.

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