[A][EmeraldDream] LF Mythic Raiders and m+ players!

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Hello! We are a new guild on Emerald Dream that transferred from Illidan/Horde and we are looking for friendly players and reliable raiders to build a small community guild so everyone can enjoy the game together!!

We raid Tuesdays 7pm-10pm Eastern, and Friday 9pm-12am Eastern.

What we need: Currently in need of two healers and a couple dps.

What we want to accomplish: We want to build a small community guild so people can run mythic+ and other content with familiar players, instead of pugging and running into trolls. We plan on doing bi-monthly raffles, where the winner can get either a store mount, pet, or a WoW token. 
We also wish to progress through Mythic content during BFA. The leaders progressed through Mythic all of Legion and plan to do the same in BFA. We currently need an officer who has had experience with guild issues.

If you're interested in some more info, add Weric#11336!

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