[H] Thrall <Jaeger> Wed/Thurs 8:00PM EST 8/8 N 5/8 H

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<Jaeger> is looking for more talent to fill our team!

We are currently 8/8N and 5/8H.

Comprised of a team of friends and family forged through raiding, Jaeger is a semi-hardcore/Casual guild with the goal of attaining Cutting Edge in each raiding tier. In our free time we push M+ Keys, Enjoy Destroying Alliance in PVP Rated Battlegrounds and Arena and hang around as friends in Discord while playing other games. We have a lot of fun outside of raid, but get Semi-serious inside. If you're looking for a stable place to learn, progress, and ultimately down bosses, consider <Jaeger>

Raid times are:
Wednesday / Thursday 8PM to 11PM EST

Current Needs:
Need All Roles 
All Exceptional Players feel free to contact us!

Current raid requirements are:
355 iLevel and 20/21 Neck

Any logs provided are greatly appreciated!

For more information or to have an interview, contact:
Stúrm [GM]

Batosi, Lifesnare, Pjsherman [Co-GM's]

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