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Patch 8.0.1 Hotfixes: October 1st

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We have some new hotfixes this week, and they're on the larger side. Featuring Island Expedition weekly quest fixes, Azerite trait fixes, more timewalking dungeon tuning, changes to Warfronts as well as the already announced Alchemy changes.

Blizzard LogoOctober 1 (source)


  • Monk
    • Fixed an issue where Rising MistRising Mist healed some targets that don't have the caster's HoTs.

Island Expeditions


  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Fixed a bug that caused Spiteful ApparitionsSpiteful Apparitions (Shadow Priest) to deal less damage than intended.
    • Fixed an issue that unintentionally reduced the damage of Last SurpriseLast Surprise (Unholy Death Knight) by 12%.
    • Fixed an issue where Reorigination ArrayReorigination Array would sometimes not grant the appropriate amount of secondary stat.



  • End Time
    • Murazond and the Ghouls in the Sylvanas encounter have had their health significantly reduced.
  • The Stonecore
    • High Priestess Azil’s Gravity Well no longer deals excessive damage.


  • Fixed an issue preventing the "Lost Caravan" event from spawning in the Alliance version of Battle for Stromgarde.
  • The Research option "War Resourcer" has been changed. It is now: Establish access to resources outside of the Warfront, allowing you enter the battle with 80 Iron and 20 Wood.

World Quests

Previous Hotfixes

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5 hours ago, Starym said:

End Time

  • Murazond and the Ghouls in the Sylvanas encounter have had their health significantly reduced.

This was fixed already on Friday.

5 hours ago, Starym said:

The Stonecore

  • High Priestess Azil’s Gravity Well no longer deals excessive damage.

You mean it's not oneshot and harder than a mythic Taloc fight.

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2 hours ago, VictorVakaras said:

So they're fixing issues with Cataclysm timewalking as the event ends. Makes total sense. 🙄

So, should they not fix it then?

Sometimes fixes take time. A lot of time.

Also, there's a good chance this had already been fixed last week, and they just haven't come around posting about it, see Hypersonic's post.

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3 hours ago, Hypersonic said:

This was fixed already on Friday.

You mean it's not oneshot and harder than a mythic Taloc fight.

The hotfix notes are just aggregates of all the hotfixes posted after the previous post.

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