[Proudmoore][A] Centurion in <Eternal Kingdom> Recruiting for Cutting Edge

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BfA Goals: Cutting Edge, Mythic clearing team. Cleared 11/11M in 7 weeks in Mythic Antorus. Presently 4/8M in Uldir.

About Centurion:
- We bring a roster of people with considerable experience focused on building a meritocracy where everyone helps others to improve and play their best. Constructive, calm criticism is the modus operandi to help everyone to be their best. We will focus on having a team that kills bosses alongside healthy dose of fun and comedy while also realizing that real life happens and we will never ask you to sacrifice real life priorities for the team. It should also be noted that we never add new mandatory raid nights and we strive to end at exactly on the raid end time. Please see below for information on applying! 


DPS: 2-3
-1 Arms Warrior

-1-2 Mages (bonus points for being able to play Arcane). Willing to consider other exceptionally strong ranged DPS, but definitely looking for at least 1 Mage.



- Monday: 5:30-9 PST / 8:30-12 EST (Mythic)
- Wednesday: 5:30-9 PST / 8:30-12 EST (Mythic)
- Friday: 5:30-9 PST / 8:30-12 EST (Mythic)

- Tuesday 5:30 - 9 PST / 8:30-12 EST (Heroic)

Loot council for unneeded/tradeable items.


Log in with your Battle.net account, register for a website account, and fill out the application.

- Flaric#1979 (Discord Flaric#3140) - Team Lead
- Annoblis #1498 (Discord Annoblis#7731) - Recruitment

About Eternal Kingdom:

- Active social guild with tons of guild events such as casual, alt-friendly fun runs planned every week, in addition to other fun yearly events such as a charity streaming event for Toys for Tots. We currently host more than a dozen Mythic teams and several Heroic teams ranging from hardcore to casual. A large, multi-team community based on the Proudmoore server on Alliance, formed in 2013 with hundreds of friendly and helpful people. We always are looking to grow and attract those of a similar mindset. To learn more about Eternal Kingdom, please visit: https://www.eternal-kingdom.com/about/

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