[A][Magtheridon]-<SOMA> 2/8M - LF DPS, Cutting Edge Level

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Hey there ! 
<SOMA> on Magtheridon Alliance (2/8M, 19% on Zek'Voz) is looking for DPS to help us progress through BFA.
Core Raiders have prior Cutting Edge experience, and most have been playing on a high-end level for years. We now have some Core Spots to fill due to a melting pot of circumstances.

What we are looking for: 
Brewmaster Monk
Blood DeathKnight
Havoc Demon Hunter
Any exceptional ranged DPS

Any exceptional DPS

Heroic only players

Raid Times:
7:30-10:30, Wed/Thurs (Progression nights)
7:30-10:30 (Optional Farm night, Heroic at the moment)

Contact Kyle#11563 on Battlenet, or Claver#5984 on Discord

Thank you !



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