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Patch 8.1 Build 27985

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In this week's 8.1 PTR build, Blizzard added new Azerite traits, Dwarf Heritage Armor, solo queue for Legion raids, and more!

Check out our Tides of Vengeance hub for more information about Patch 8.1!



Achievements related to battle pets, Gnomeregan, and incursions have been added.

Azerite Powers

Blizzard started adding new 8.1 Azerite traits to the game in this build.

Death Knight








Broadcast Text

  • "I wish things were different, High Priestess. But with the war raging in both Arathi and Zandalar, an assault on Darkshore would stretch us too thin.
  • I vow we will recover Teldrassil before the war is over. But we face dwindling resources and rising casualties. If I can ask your patience for a while longer--
  • "My people need action, not excuses! We will not languish in Stormwind while the Horde defiles our lands!"
  • No. We will reclaim our home now.
  • "With ancient words, I invoke your most ruthless phase."
  • "With this offering, I demand to wear your darkest face."
  • Elune! Make me the instrument of your vengeance!
  • "Now, we shall have justice. The Night Warrior lives... within me."
  • Tyrande...
  • "We shall have vengeance for the slain, and show Sylvanas that she has not won! And if the Alliance will not aid us...we shall do so alone."
  • Victory is ours this night!
  • Elune has given us the power to save ourselves!
  • The Horde burned our forests thinking to kill our hope.
  • "They died for that folly. For our hope resides not in the trees, but in our bonds to each other!"
  • We... are... Kaldorei!
  • Careful...
  • Don't worry. They've got this.
  • Now do we worry?
  • "Nope, nope. Now, we run."
  • Bwonsamdi!
  • Oh my my my... Does da mighty Rastakhan need ol' Bwonsamdi's help yet again?
  • Aid us... or you will be de loa of a ruined kingdom with no one to remember your name.
  • (Disgruntled hmph.)
  • "Rise, fallen ones!"
  • Let da streets run red with da blood of dese outsiders!
  • Zandalar be ours... FOREVER!

Global Strings

  • VAS_NEW_GUILD_MASTER_TRANSFER_TOOLTIP,Appoint a guild master for the placeholder guild that will stay on your original realm. Your members will stay in that guild until they do their own Character Transfers.
  • VAS_TRANSFER_REALM_TOOLTIP,Choose the Realm you would like to transfer to.
  • VAS_GUILD_NAME_CHANGE_TRANSFER_TOOLTIP,- Can't be a guild name that is taken on the destination realm|n- 2 to 24 letters|n- Can't contain numbers or special|ncharacters|n- Can't contain any characters which|nare not supported in your region
  • VAS_GUILD_TRANSFER_CONFIRMATION,<%s> of %s|n-Transfer to %s|n-%s appointed guild master of old guild
  • VAS_GUILD_TRANSFER_PLUS_NAME_AND_FACTION_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION,<%s> of %s|n-Transfer to %s|n-Rename to <%s>|n-Faction change to %s|n-%s appointed guild master of old guild
  • VAS_GUILD_TRANSFER_PLUS_FACTION_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION,<%s> of %s|n-Transfer to %s|n-Faction change to %s|n-%s appointed guild master of old guild
  • VAS_GUILD_TRANSFER_PLUS_NAME_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION,<%s> of %s|n-Transfer to %s|n-Rename to <%s>|n-%s appointed guild master of old guild
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_378,You must target a Sinister Gladiator's item to upgrade.


  • Transport312214,Transport: Night Elf Warship
  • Transport312215,Transport: Forsaken Warship

World Safe Locs

  • 8.1 War Campaign - A - Ch3 -  Scenario Respawn Point 1 - KRB
  • 8.1 Incursions -Skytanic -  Safe Loc - (MDE)
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Bat Safe Loc
  • 8.1 Incursions - Nazmir - Horde Finale (JDA)
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Bashal'Aran Safe Loc
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That new Brewmaster Azerite trait makes me all moist and fuzzy.

Am I finally going to have an incentive to farm like hell ? That's the dream.

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