[Zul'jin][H]<Top of the Line> 2/8 Mythic guild recruiting RDPS and Healer

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[H]<Top of the Line> 2/8 M Progression guild

Our Raid times are Wed, Thur 9pm-1am Eastern 

We are looking for Mythic raiding quality Healing and DPS. We want a Resto Shaman/Mistweaver Monk or a Priest who can play both Holy/Disc since we will ask to swap on certain encounters, to join our Mythic Roster. For DPS we are looking for mainly range but can make an exception if the melee is a quality player.
We will be pushing for cutting edge this tier and expect people to bring their A game and to understand that progression takes time to learn and beat a boss.

We are a group of friends that have all raided mythic in the past. Several of the officers here have raided in a top 150 US guild before.

Overall we are a friendly atmosphere with no formalities, we are all here for one thing to get the job done with the 2 days that we have. 

If you need help getting caught up in general we do Normal and/or Heroic runs on the weekends and have many people who will help you push a 10 key for the week since it is very important to get it done for the chest. All we ask is that you have an attitude to try and improve yourself so that we all get what we want.

If you would like to chat and have any question please contact rsgunner#11999, Unstawpable#1550

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